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Pest Control In Athens, AL

The county seat of Limestone County and part of a combined metropolitan area that includes nearby Huntsville, Athens, is north of the Tennessee River. With our hot, humid southern climate and close proximity to population centers, pests can easily target Athens. They are attracted to where people are, plus they like moisture. That makes Athens a prime location for them to migrate into our properties. Learning how to keep pest infestations from happening to you is a big part of maintaining your Alabama property. 

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Residential Pest Control In Athens

If you try to keep pests out of your home using DIY methods and keep up on it all on your own, you quickly start to realize how time-consuming of a process it is. Sure, there’s the general cleaning you can do to limit food sources and moist areas where pests are attracted, but you also have to account for every tiny access point they can use to get inside. That’s why residential pest control from professionals saves you money in the long run. Instead of investing all your own time and energy into keeping persistent pests at bay, turn to Enviroguard for this easy and convenient process: 

  • First Contact: You reach out to us, either by phone or by internet, and we learn your need level. We give you price estimates right there on the phone. 
  • Evaluation: We schedule a visit to inspect your property and see where the existing pest problems are coming from, as well as where future problems might occur. 
  • Prevention Plan: We use our thorough inspections to inform our plan for your property. This is how you know you’re getting a custom experience that fits your needs and budget. 

For residential pest control that you can trust, turn to Enviroguard today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Athens

Maintaining a business is hard enough as it is. You don’t need pest problems adding up to bigger costs and drains on your time. That’s why local business owners should partner with commercial pest control experts that protect you from the dangers of pest infestations. An invasion into your property can lead to damage and even health problems that threaten your employees and customers. Instead of risking these consequences, you should turn to the experts at Enviroguard. We help these kinds of businesses: 

  • Office Buildings: Office spaces can be attractive targets for pests because they have lots of space and, therefore, plenty of areas for them to hide. 
  • Retail: The same goes for retail stores of all kinds. Certainly, grocery stores have to worry about pests, but even places that don’t sell food products can become victims of pest infestations. 
  • Healthcare: Medical offices and hospitals can also be areas where pests flock to, and they have a responsibility to their patients to be free of health hazards. 

To keep your business safe from pests, contact Enviroguard today and get started on commercial pest control that’s worth the investment. 

How To Identify Dangerous Spiders In Your Athens Home

Spiders can happen to anyone. They get inside of homes and subsist by preying on other smaller pests, whether you’re aware of other pests on your property or not. And some spiders can even be venomous. This is why it pays to get started on spider control early and know how to spot the dangerous spiders from the typical ones. The best way to tell if a spider is venomous is to look for unique marking and coloration. With black widows, for instance, there is a bright red shape on their bellies you can’t miss. But with spiders like brown recluses, it can be much more difficult to tell them apart from the many other brown varieties of arachnid. This demonstrates why it’s always best to turn to spider control experts because they can correctly identify species and determine what is drawing spiders to your home. At Enviroguard, we know how to prevent spiders and the other pest populations that draw them in. Contact us today to get started. 

Three Reasons Why You May Have An Ant Problem In Athens

People often don’t think about pests until they see them crawling around their property. With ant control specifically, a population can hide within your walls or below ground for weeks before you even notice them. For this reason, you should think about where pest populations come from earlier, so you won’t be caught off guard by an accumulation of things that attract them. That’s why you should take steps to mitigate these factors around your property:

  • Food: Pests can sniff out enough food to survive, whether it’s crumbs that are leftover after meals or accessible food products that are stored in your cupboards. 
  • Trash: Even addressing those food sources can still leave pests with plenty to find in the garbage. That’s why you need to keep your trash cans inaccessible to pest populations. 
  • Access Points: Pests can be tiny, meaning small access points are enough for them to get indoors from outside. You need to address gaps below doors and even cracks in your walls. 

The best way to identify all the factors that lead to pests is with guidance from ant control experts. At Enviroguard, we not only help you discover things that open you up to risks, but we also address the risks themselves. Contact us today to get started on protection against all kinds of pests, including ants. 

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