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Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your San Antonio Home

Whether you have any firsthand experience with a bed bug infestation in San Antonio or not, you probably know enough about them to be wary at the thought of a bed bug infestation in your own home. These tiny pests don’t discriminate when it comes to where they live, and because they love to travel, it’s easy to end up with them in your house. Once there, they can begin to reproduce and make themselves a nuisance if given the opportunity.

Bed bugs may not be known to spread diseases, but they do bite, and if left to their own devices, your home can easily become overrun by them. Over-the-counter treatments for bed bugs are often ineffective and can be dangerous if misused, so it’s best to call in the professionals if you suspect that bed bugs are in your house. EnviroGuard is Austin’s local pest control company with over 40 years of combined experience solving pest problems. We can stop your bed bug problem in its tracks.

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Bed Bug Control From EnviroGuard

Identifying bed bugs can be tricky since they like to hide and closely resemble several other pests. When you contact us for bed bug control, we’ll begin by inspecting your house to find out if bed bugs are present. If we do find signs of their presence, we’ll also work to determine how widespread the infestation has become. Bed bug infestations typically begin in one room before spreading throughout the house, so if caught early enough, we can often stop the infestation by treating just one or two rooms. We’ll make a recommendation about how much of your house to treat once we find out the severity of your infestation.

Our treatment focuses on all areas where the bed bugs are active. We use a liquid treatment and spray your home with an aerosol spray. Areas we treat include beds, furniture, cracks and crevices, and more. We can do wall injection treatments as well. We also offer mattress encasements to keep bed bugs from getting into your mattress. Finally, we’ll place bed bug traps.

If necessary, we’ll return to your house after our initial treatment to perform re-treatment. Our bed bug control treatments include a 30-day guarantee from the initial treatment. If you see bed bugs in your home in those 30 days, contact us, and we’ll return to your house to take care of it.

Rest Easy In Your Bed Bug-Free Home

It’s hard to relax and even harder to sleep when you know that bed bugs are in your house. EnviroGuard offers the services you need to fully eradicate a bed bug infestation from your Austin or San Antonio home. Our expert service professionals provide the friendly, effective home bed bug control service you need to protect your family from bed bugs. Contact us today to request your free quote.

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