Pest Spotlight: All About The Scorpions In Bryan

scorpion on wood

Scorpions that invade your Bryan home can be an unsightly pest to see and even more dangerous to encounter. Learning all about scorpions is key to keeping this pest away. Our article and Bryan exterminators can help you further understand this pest.

Do Scorpions Make Any Sound?

Scorpions have plenty of defensive tactics, including a stinger, venom, and threatening-looking pincers. But some types of scorpions can also make a noise intended to warn and scare away potential threats. This noise sounds similar to a hiss produced by the scorpion rubbing certain parts of their body together. However, other than this hissing noise that only a few scorpion species make, scorpion activity is usually silent. It is easy to accidentally stumble on most scorpions around your property and receive a sting.

Do Scorpions Make Nests?

Unlike other predatory arachnids, scorpions do not make nests or gather in colonies. This pest typically prefers to live alone and hides in dark, secluded, and shaded areas such as crevices, under rocks, and inside holes. These hiding spots allow them to hide during the day's heat in a safe space. 

Occasionally, you may find different kinds of scorpions hiding together in the same spot, but this only happens when there are limited hiding spaces in the area; it is not a sign of nest or colony formation.

Signs Of A Scorpion Infestation

If you want to get rid of scorpions, your best option is to look for signs of an infestation and take action the moment this pest invades your property. Quick, proactive treatment is essential to stopping the spread of scorpions.

Signs of an impending scorpion infestation include:

  • You have seen scorpions around your property or in your home; preferred scorpion hiding places include the backs of closets, garages, or secluded storage areas.
  • You are struggling with a pest prey infestation such as an invasion of cockroaches or ants; scorpions will often accompany these infestations as they are a good food source.
  • You have moisture or drainage issues leading to pools of excess moisture; this will often bring thirsty scorpions to your property.
  • Any overgrown foliage, long grasses, and debris around your yard can create the perfect outdoor hiding places for scorpions as they are typically moist and shady. You likely have an infestation underway if you see scorpions hiding in these areas.

The moment you see any of these signs around your property, or if you have questions about further infestation warning signs, contact our professional team at EnviroGuard for further assistance and targeted scorpion removal.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Scorpions?

Learning how to keep scorpions away can be somewhat confusing, but you don't have to be stressed out by this process; let our experts at EnviroGuard help you out. Our professional pest control team can identify the types of scorpions on your property and will determine the conditions conducive to scorpion infestation. EnviroGuard will help reduce factors that lead to scorpion issues and provide you with targeted treatments to eradicate scorpion infestations.

Contact EnviroGuard today to learn more or request your free inspection.