How To Keep The Earwigs In Waco Outside Where They Belong

earwig crawling

Texas is the place to live if you are looking for a unique attraction, a wonderful cultural experience, or strange pests. Based on the name, an interesting Texas bug is the earwig. There are fascinating myths surrounding this little creature that invades many Texas homes. 

As a homeowner, you need to learn about earwigs because they are probably on your property. If you are not careful, it is only a matter of time before the earwigs invade your home, which is why you need the best pest control in Waco, EnviroGuard Pest Control. We have over 40 years of combined experience in pest control, and earwigs are not a mystery to us. 

Is This An Earwig?

Earwigs (Euborellia annulipes) have a smooth, flattened, and slender 5/8 inch long body ranging from light red-brown to black. They have bead-like antennae and may or may not possess wings. If earwig wings are present, the first pair (tergites) is short, tough, and leathery-looking; the second pair is underneath.  

Although some confuse earwigs with silverfish, firebrats, rove beetles, and the two-pronged bristletail, the pinchers (cerci) at the end of the abdomen are a clear indicator that the insect is an earwig. The forceps-like appendages vary in size between the sexes and species. Earwigs use their pinchers for protection and to hold onto their prey. 

Don't Accidentally Attract Earwigs To Your Home 

Out of the ten earwig species in Texas, earwigs in the home consist of only four species:

  • Ringlegged earwig (Euborellia annulipes)
  • Riparian earwig (Labidura riparia) 
  • Linear earwig (Doru linear)
  • Brown-winged earwig (Vostox brunneipennis)

Earwigs prefer to live outdoors, where they feed on mosses, algae, fungi, and insects; however, during the long, dry spells common in July and August, they often enter Texas homes searching for cool, moist places to hide. 

The best way to prevent an earwig infestation in the house is to implement the following:

  • Remove debris from the yard.
  • Relocate firewood away from the foundation.
  • Trim shrubs or trees to minimize moist, shady areas. 
  • Ensure proper drainage away from the structure.
  • Seal foundational cracks and gaps from incoming pipes and wires. 

By removing moist, dark areas around the perimeter of your Waco home, you can reduce the chance of attracting earwigs to your home. The pest control team at EnviroGuard Pest Control will identify earwig hideouts around your Waco home. 

Three Commonly Told Myths About Earwigs 

The following are three common earwig myths:

  1. Earwigs crawl into ears at night: Although earwigs are active a night, ears do not provide cool, moist environments and are not attractive to earwigs. 
  2. Earwigs lay eggs in your brain: This myth builds on the myth that they crawl into your ear, bore into your brain, and lay eggs. There is no basis or evidence for this old European superstition. 
  3. Earwigs pinch people and inject poison: An earwig may pinch a human, but they do not inject venom. The most that an earwig pinch will do is only slightly break the skin. 

Like most insects, earwigs are afraid of humans and will avoid you if possible. You do not have to worry about being attacked by earwigs in the house.

How To Keep Your Waco Home Earwig Free

While these tips will help stop attracting earwigs to your Texas home, the best action to get rid of earwigs is to secure the experts at EnviroGuard Pest Control. We will evaluate your situation, create a custom prevention plan, and treat your house with environmentally safe treatments. Contact us today, and let us stop the earwigs from infesting your Waco home and property.