What To Do About Argentine Ants On Your Pensacola Property

a close up of an argentine ant

Argentine ants are well-known pests to Pensacola property owners. While a common home invader, they are not native to the area. Originally native to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and southern Brazil, they are an invasive ant species that cause problems to both humans and other ants. Argentine ants are widespread around the southern United States as well as in California and Hawaii. They can also be found in lesser numbers in some central and southwestern states, as well as other areas of the country. It is a common belief that Argentine ants came to the United States in the late 1800s via coffee ships from Brazil. This invasive ant species has made itself very comfortable in the Pensacola area. The EnviroGuard Pest Control team wants you to be prepared if you encounter Argentine ants on your Pensacola property.

Argentine Ant Information  

Argentine ants can be dark brown to black in color, with a segmented oval shape, six legs, and a pair of antennae.  Argentine ants are a very aggressive species, and they will often attack and eliminate other species of ants in the same area. Argentine ants will also eat cockroaches, termites, and other insects commonly found around homes in Pensacola. While they normally live outside, they can get inside homes when searching for food. Argentine ants prefer to enter a home to hunt and then exit to their nest outside.  

Argentine ant colonies can grow to an immense size and include hundreds of queens. They can live in both suburban and rural environments and are very adaptable to different living conditions. Since colonies can contain multiple Argentine ant queens, they often splinter off and form new colonies. Argentine ant queens can lay as many as 60 eggs per day, and ants develop from egg to adult in about 75 days. This means these ants can grow their populations extensively in a very short amount of time. 

Along with attacking the native ant and insect species, Argentine ants can be very destructive to homes and gardens simply because of the population size of their colonies.  Though they prefer to nest and live outside, poor weather conditions can drive them inside. Argentine ants like sweet foods; they will collect honeydew from aphids or other insects on plants. Argentine ants like syrup, fruit juices, sweet plants, and vegetables; however, they will gather other protein-based foods to bring back to their queens. Worker ants will gather food all day and all night to sustain the large colonies Argentine ants form.  

Argentine Ant Control And Prevention

if you suspect an Argentine ant problem on your Pensacola property, the best thing you can do is reach out to pest control professionals like the EnviroGuard Pest Control team. There are some steps property owners can take to protect their homes and businesses from Argentine ant colonies:

  • Seal up small cracks, crevices, and holes near the foundation and window and door areas where ants can enter buildings.  
  • Clear out extra brush and undergrowth near homes and buildings, as these provide easy ways for ants to enter. 
  • Use trash bins and containers with lids and liners. 
  • Clean up after food or drinks, especially any time you have sweet foods or drinks. 
  • Eliminate sources of sweet food and water that might be around in outdoor cooking areas, such as birdbaths and feeders.  
  • Regularly check your home and property for areas of moisture that may attract Argentine ants. 
  • Clear away firewood or other debris near homes, as ants tend to like to nest in these areas. 

Argentine Ant Treatment – Time to Call In The Pros At EnviroGuard Pest Control!  

The best thing to do if you suspect an Argentine ant infestation is to call the pest control professionals. The EnviroGuard Pest Control team has plenty of experience keeping pests like Argentine ants out of Pensacola homes. Trying to remove an ant infestation on your own can be almost impossible as well as dangerous. Remember, Argentine ants grow massive colonies and are aggressive. If these little creepy crawlers are invading your Pensacola property, call the EnviroGuard Pest Control team right away. Our team can cover remove an ant infestation and offer different treatment options for Argentine ants or any other pest control needs you have.