How To Keep Bed Bugs From Getting Inside Your San Antonio Home

bed bug in home

Today we’re talking about San Antonio pest control and how to get rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs are small, oval pests with six legs and two antennae but are flightless because they do not have wings. They are flat and brown before eating, but their bodies turn more red in color, swollen, and extended after feeding. They get their name because they are known for hiding in beds to feed on humans. That being said, bed bugs can be found not only in homes, apartments, and hotels, but also in nursing homes, schools, daycare centers, office buildings, college dorm rooms, hospitals, and public transportation. 

Early Warning Signs Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are indoor pests, so they don’t really have a pest season per se, but infestations do occur more often when people travel during the summer and fall months. Bed bugs are hitchhikers that can travel long distances by sneaking onto clothing or into luggage, furniture, mattresses, and rugs. Wherever we travel, bed bugs will follow. Once inside, clutter can allow bed bugs to go unnoticed, and the infestation spreads quickly.

Early warning signs of bed bugs include the following:

  • Sightings of bed bug eggs, empty eggshells, pale white molt skins
  • Small, reddish-brown spots of fecal matter on beds, upholstery, or walls
  • Swollen, itchy bites on arms and legs, usually in patterns or small clusters

Unlike mosquitos and fleas, bed bugs do not transmit diseases, but bites from bed bugs can lead to an infection, which is why it’s so important to get rid of bed bugs promptly.

What To Expect From A Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bugs can feed on warm-blooded animals but prefer humans over our four-legged friends. Being bitten does not hurt, but bed bug bites can cause red welts that itch. If needed, topical steroid treatments can be used on severely itchy bites. Bed bugs have numerous hiding spots, including the following:

  • Upholstered furniture
  • Mattresses/box springs
  • Luggage
  • Carpets
  • Cracks in the floor and walls
  • Electrical outlets
  • Behind wall hangings and wallpaper

Female bed bugs reproduce quickly and can lay up to 540 eggs during the span of their life. As you can imagine, bed bugs are capable of large infestations that are incredibly challenging to control. It’s in your best interest to reach out to a bed bug control service in San Antonio as soon as you suspect a problem.

Keeping Bed Bugs From Coming Back Inside Your Home

To keep these pests from invading your home again, use the following bed bug control techniques for your home.

  • Use bed bug-proof mattress covers.
  • Wash bedding and inspect sheets, blankets, comforters, and mattresses regularly.
  • Vacuum your home routinely.
  • Don’t buy second-hand furniture, especially mattresses.
  • When traveling, always inspect your hotel room for bed bugs before bringing personal belongings inside.
  • Keep luggage in a large trash bag during hotel stays and when bringing suitcases into your home.
  • Upon returning home from traveling, wash and dry all clothing on high heat.

Be sure to reach out to the bed bug control company near you for regular follow-up to prevent re-infestation. 

Professional Pest Control To Keep Bed Bugs In San Antonio Away

According to a National Pest Management Association survey, 76 percent of pest professionals say bed bugs are the hardest pest to eliminate. Bed bugs can be incredibly elusive, and infestations are challenging to treat. Reaching out to a licensed pest control company is the best way to identify and get rid of bed bugs. If you’re looking for the best bed bug pest control near you, reach out to EnviroGuard in San Antonio today! Our top priority is to keep your property free of pests which, in turn, keeps you and your family safe.