Termite Troubles In San Antonio?

termite on a nest pile

Few pests inspire the same fears of property damage as termites do, but far too few property owners take steps to protect themselves until it’s too late. 

To avoid termite damage and keep your entire property protected, inside and out, you need to partner with experts. EnviroGuard is here to help with termite control in San Antonio that provides both proactive protection and fast elimination of termites that invade. Contact the pros early rather than waiting for termite damage to grow.  

A Guide To Identifying Termite Damage

Termites are well-known for damaging plants and human properties alike. Termite damage can manifest in a falling tree limb or in a collapsing roof that was weakened by weeks of termite chewing. It’s important to understand how termite activity spreads throughout a property so you can know how to avoid termite damage

Here are some of the main ways an infestation leads to property damage: 

  • Trees and soil: Termites can attack sources of wood in your yard, including trees and bushes. But termites don’t even have to chew through wood to lead to certain kinds of yard damage, as their underground tunnels can also lead to soil erosion and lawn damage. 
  • Interior wood: Termites tend to move indoors to attack structural wooden items, like support beams and interior wall panels.  
  • Warping: The main way interior wood damage manifests is as warped wood because the surface buckles as termites hollow out interior materials. 

It’s important to turn to termite experts to help you spot the signs of damage, so turn to EnviroGuard today. 

How Termite Activity Can Go Unnoticed For Some Time

Because of the excessive damage termites can bring to properties, people often assume it would be obvious if they had an infestation. The truth is that termite problems are subtle for a long time, and once their damage is noticeable, the effects can worsen quickly. 

Termites are subterranean pests that avoid the light, so you aren’t likely to spot termites crawling around in the open like other pests. And while termites chew through wooden materials, they don’t bore clean through structural wood. Instead, they stop just short of the surface, meaning even the damage they cause can go unnoticed until it’s fully warping the surface of the wood. 

That’s why it’s so crucial to turn to experts for regular termite inspections. Trained professionals know what to watch out for, even how to spot the earliest signs of termites outdoors so they can be addressed before they move to your home or business. 

Contact EnviroGuard to schedule your termite inspection in San Antonio today. 

The Hassles And Hazards Of DIY Termite Control

People try to handle all kinds of pest problems on their own, including termites. But the problem with this approach in all cases is that DIY methods aren’t guaranteed to work. Treatments need to not only address the existing pests but also the areas where they invaded in the first place, not to mention the offspring they may already have reproduced on your property. 

That’s true of all pests, but termites are even trickier. By the time you spot the signs of termites around your house, the colony will likely have already been growing for weeks or even months. Only professional methods are guaranteed to treat below ground and throughout a home to ensure the problem is eliminated. 

For that, you need termite treatments from trained professionals. Look no further than EnviroGuard for effective termite protection in San Antonio. 

Treat: How Professionals Get Rid Of Termites

When it comes to termites, a simple insecticide doesn’t cut it. To truly eliminate the entire population, you need professional systems that apply treatments throughout a structure and yard. EnviroGuard prioritizes methods that get rid of termites completely, even if it takes multiple treatments to accomplish this. 

Contact us today to learn what kinds of termite control near you are right for your San Antonio property.