How Do I Safely Get Rid Of The Rodents In My Lubbock Home?

norway rat

After a long day of work, we want to come home, take off our shoes, grab a cold drink, kick up our feet and relax. While recuperating, we don't want to hear scratching sounds underneath our feet or in the corners. No one wants to walk into a room, turn on the lights and see a rat or mouse scurrying across the room for cover. 

Unfortunately, we have one of the largest rodent populations in the country, and Lubbock homes are prime real estate for rats and mice. If you hear scratching inside your walls or have seen a mouse running across the floor at night, you need the Lubbock pest control team with over 40 years of combined experience: EnviroGuard. Our trained professionals know how to eradicate rodents from your Lubbock property. 

Are There Rodents In My Home?

Small mammals with long front teeth are considered rodents: rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, prairie dogs, and more. The rodents most likely to infest Lubbock homes are rats and mice. Signs of rats or mice in your home include: 

  • Droppings: Look for rod-shaped fecal pellets.
  • Tracks: Watch for four and five-toed prints on surfaces.
  • Gnaw marks: Examine items for smooth or rough chew marks. 
  • Rub marks: Investigate walls for oily markings on walls. 
  • Runways: Identify trails by droppings, oily marks, and footprints.
  • Odor: Smell the area for unpleasant aromas created by urine. 
  • Damaged goods: Scan items for damage. 

If you see a mouse or rat, there is a strong possibility that an entire family lurks in the dark recesses of your Lubbock house. When you see these signs, you need to secure rodent control from EnviroGuard before the rodents overtake your home. 

The Diseases That Rodents Could Carry

The presence of rodents in the house puts you and your family at risk of contracting diseases. According to the Center for Disease Control, house mice may transmit the following: leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM), tularemia, and salmonellosis. 

Two types of rats common to Texas homes are Norway and roof rats. Norway rats put your family at risk for these diseases: jaundice, rat-bite fever, cowpox virus, trichinosis, and salmonellosis. Roof rats can carry diseases like typhus, jaundice, and trichinosis.

Diseases from mice and rats can spread to humans from a bite, contamination of food and surfaces, or handling the rodent. These diseases result in discomfort and potential death; therefore, you need rodent control in Lubbock from EnviroGuard. 

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Rodents In Lubbock

The following preventative actions are the best way to get rid of rodents from inside the home:

  • Seal garbage cans
  • Remove pet food from bowls at the end of the day
  • Close gaps around pipes and wires leading into the house
  • Repair screen doors and windows
  • Exchange cardboard storage boxes for plastic containers
  • Add weatherstripping to doors and windows
  • Add door sweeps to the bottom of exterior doors
  • Store foods in air-tight plastic containers 
  • Trim shrubs near the home

Taking these preventative steps will keep different types of rodents out of your home by making your home less attractive as a place for food and shelter. 

Professional Rodent Control Is The Way To Go 

For years EnviroGuard has been a leading pest control in the Lubbock area. When you allow us the pleasure of serving you, we will evaluate the situation and determine the rat or mouse species plaguing your home. After our thorough investigation, we will begin the extermination process focusing on areas of infestation. 

Upon the success of our eradication, we will develop a preventative course of action to prevent future infestations. Contact us today and let us stop the rodents from living in your Lubbock home.