Striped Bark Scorpions In Bryan, TX: What To Do

black striped scorpion on wood

Texas may be warm and sunny, but its dry heat makes it an ideal climate for scorpions to live in, and that includes the striped bark scorpion. For Bryan residents that may spot a scorpion or a striped bark scorpion on their property, what do you do next? Here's what local residents should know about identifying striped bark scorpions, whether they're deadly or harmful, how to safely get rid of them, and the best ways to prevent them from coming back with pest control in Bryan, TX

What Do Striped Bark Scorpions Look Like?

As an arachnid, striped bark scorpions fall into the same classification as spiders, even if they don't look that similar. These critters can grow a little over two inches in length, have eight legs, and two long vertical brown stripes that run down their bodies. You can also identify them by the triangular mark on the back of their head.

The overall coloring of a striped bark scorpion can vary based on the environment. Some can be tan or light brown, while others are mostly pale yellow. 

Are Striped Bark Scorpion Stings Deadly?

Like any pest, the first question you likely want to know is whether striped bark scorpions are deadly. While their sting is rarely fatal, striped bark scorpions are highly venomous, and getting stung can be incredibly uncomfortable. 

After a sting, you may have pain and discomfort that lasts for several hours while the inflammation and itchiness of the sting continue for days. Most symptoms naturally fade after a few days of icing the wound and using over-the-counter pain relief options. Still, if you continue to experience pain or more severe symptoms after the sting, you should seek medical attention promptly. 

The good news is that striped bark scorpions don't go out of their way to sting or be aggressive, although they may react defensively if they feel threatened or cornered. Many scorpion stings happen after you've been walking around barefoot outside and accidentally step on one of these critters. 

How To Safely Get Rid Of Scorpions On Your Property

Because striped bark scorpions do have painful – and sometimes dangerous – stingers, the best way to get rid of these pests on your property is with professional help from EnviroGuard. If you are seeing striped bark scorpions or just suspect that they may be hiding out on your Bryan property, call us today at EnviroGuard to learn more about our scorpion control services. 

Effective Scorpion Prevention Tips For Your Property

Along with relying on the help of professional pest control in Bryan, TX, there are some other tips and tricks you can use to keep scorpions away from your home, such as: 

  • Use caulk or foam to get rid of cracks and crevices, especially near doors and windows.
  • Eliminate any standing water sources on your property, like puddles, flooded gutters, or other drainage issues.
  • Keep brush, leaves, and other debris away from the perimeter of your home.
  • Turn off outdoor lights during the night, which can draw in a scorpion's favorite food source: crickets.
  • Regularly check shoes, cabinets, closets, and other dark areas for signs of scorpions.

These tips should help your odds of avoiding scorpions and their stings. However, if despite your efforts, scorpions make their way onto your property, don't hesitate to call the professionals at EnviroGuard.