Should You Be Scared Of The Earwigs You Find In Lubbock?

up close image of an earwig crawling on the floor

Just from the name alone, earwigs are frightening pests. Any pest in your home is something you try and avoid, but ones that are supposed to crawl into your ear while you’re sleeping? Sounds more like a nightmare! Thankfully these nasty insects are not too dangerous for humans, but they are incredibly annoying and can reproduce quickly.

What Do Earwigs in Lubbock Look Like?

In Lubbock, there are a few different earwig bugs that you can find, but they share many of the same characteristics, so you will have no trouble identifying them as earwigs. The earwig bug species you can find are:

  • Ringlegged earwig
  • Linear earwig
  • Brown-winged earwig
  • Riparian earwig

These different species can range from ¼-1 inch long, and all have six legs, long antennae, and pincers at the end of their abdomen. Most earwig species are dark brown, but there is a variation, with some sporting a paler brown or even black.

Earwigs also have two different pairs of wings that look leathery. Though this is the case, not all earwig species fly, and the ones who do can only do so for a short period. 

Do Earwigs Really Go Into Your Ear When You Sleep?

Thankfully, though they are named earwigs, these bugs do not crawl into your ear and eat your brain. You may be wondering now since they don’t go in your ear, do earwigs bite? The answer is also no. When threatened, they can pinch humans with their pincers. The pinch rarely breaks the skin, and no venom is transferred.

Since earwigs don’t crawl in your ears and don’t bite, then they must spread diseases, right? Also no. These pests are not very dangerous at all despite their dangerous appearances. The biggest threats they pose to you, and your home are foul-smelling liquid they can produce in self-defense and the damage they can do to your garden. These pests like to spend their time feeding on insects, mold, fruit, leaves, and flowers.

Some species of earwig prefer to feed on seedlings. In this case, your crops and garden plants will not grow as these insects have caused too much damage. 

What Is The Best Way To Deter Earwigs in Lubbock?

Earwigs can come into your home in a variety of ways. They tend to stay outdoors, living in the dark and damp areas that can be found under bricks and garbage cans, in gardens, and under leaves and mulch, but when the weather changes and they need to find new avenues for food and shelter, they might choose your home next.

Inside your home, earwigs tend to hide in basements, laundry rooms, mudrooms, bathrooms and can even be found in drains, bathtubs, and sinks. Because of these trends, the best way to prevent earwigs from coming into your home or property is to eliminate entry points, shelters, and access to food.

If you have a garden, it is hard to get rid of it, but you can monitor your crops for any pests. Beyond this, clearing out piles of debris like firewood and leaves and filling in cracks and openings into your home. These are some of the best ways to prevent earwigs from spreading. 

Is It Worth It To Get Professional Pest Control To Get Rid Of Earwigs?

However, if you already have earwigs in your home, that is another story. Eliminating any infestation is difficult, and it should be done soon as earwigs can reproduce quickly. The best course of action is to contact professionals like EnviroGuard.

At EnviroGuard, whether you have earwigs in your home or garden, we can help you not only get rid of them but keep them gone for good! We will give you a free quote, and we can inspect your problem, determining the best home pest control treatment plan. Then we can eradicate the problem quickly and safely, keeping your home and crops safe in the process. That is an EnviroGuard guarantee.