Silverfish Could Cause Damage To Your Laredo Property

silverfish on book

Silverfish are not actually fish, but are very firmly rooted in the insect family. These critters get their name from their fish-like appearance and movements. While they are not dangerous, they can cause damage to your personal belongings. Learning how to identify silverfish and what attracts them can help Laredo residents keep these bugs away.

Identifying Silverfish In Laredo

Silverfish are found throughout the United States. Their bodies, covered in silver scales, grow to about an inch long. They have a tapering shape, often compared to a carrot or teardrop. Silverfish antennae are as long as their bodies; a three-pronged appendage protrudes from their rear ends. 

Silverfish move incredibly fast and are good climbers. They usually feed on paper, glue, textiles, and grains. Silverfish are cannibals and will also eat their own kind. If necessary, silverfish can survive for weeks without food or water. Female silverfish can lay one to three eggs a day; they lay their eggs in cracks and crevices to protect them from predators. If conditions are favorable, silverfish eggs hatch within four months. Silverfish nymphs go through several stages of growth until they reach adulthood, and adult silverfish can live for several years.

Typical Silverfish Hiding Spots 

Although they can survive a long time without food or water, silverfish do require high humidity levels. Silverfish are found throughout the United States and prefer to live in moist, warm soil. As they are nocturnal insects, they stay hidden throughout the day and feed during the night hours. A silverfish infestation can occur after a storm or drought when silverfish move indoors for safety. Inside, silverfish prefer high moisture zones, such as bathrooms and kitchens, but can be found throughout the home, from the attic to the basement. Silverfish often gain entry into homes through cracks in the foundation, open basement windows, and beneath roof shingles. 

Are Silverfish Damaging Your Home?

Silverfish do not cause physical harm to people or pets, nor do they spread diseases. As such, they are considered nuisance pests. However, silverfish can ruin some personal property. Silverfish damage includes chewing holes through textiles, such as clothing, drapes, and upholstered furniture. In addition to cloth, silverfish also chew through wallpaper and books. To avoid property damage, homeowners should act as soon as they notice silverfish in their homes.

Professional Silverfish Control In Laredo

Professional silverfish control is the best way to get rid of these invasive insects in your home. To prevent a silverfish infestation from starting, homeowners can try the following:

  • Purchase dehumidifiers for your home.
  • Address mold and water damage immediately.
  • Repair leaks promptly.
  • Remove standing water from the property.
  • Store grains in airtight containers.

These tips can help homeowners prevent silverfish from moving into their homes. However, for an active silverfish infestation, professional silverfish extermination is the only solution. Fortunately, pest control in Laredo is in good hands with EnviroGuard. We offer the pest control treatments needed for a long-term solution to your silverfish problem. With over 40 years of combined experience and knowledge under our belts, we can guarantee a pest-free home. 

At EnviroGuard, we discuss your concerns, evaluate your property, and build a customized treatment plan for your home's specific needs. We treat the exterior and interior of your property with environmentally friendly treatments and offer follow-up and year-round prevention plans to keep you satisfied. The safety, happiness, and comfort of your home and your family are our top priority. If you are interested in getting rid of silverfish, call today for your free quote. EnviroGuard is here to offer peace of mind and a pest-free home today.