An Easy & Effective Guide To Eco-Friendly Pest Control In San Antonio

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“Is pest control worth it?” is a question that you may find yourself asking when it comes to protecting your property or dealing with an infestation of any unwanted insect. Fortunately, eco-friendly pest control is available in the San Antonio area to make your life easier and pest removal safer.

Understanding Professional Pest Control

Many individuals and pest control companies believe that you have to use powerful chemicals and poisons to eliminate stubborn pests or widespread infestations of dangerous pests. However, this is not always warranted, and it is natural to have concerns about introducing so many chemicals into your home, business, or property. Individuals with young children or pets may be especially concerned about the consequences of traditional pest control when it comes to these harsh and powerful chemicals.

Some of the hazards of using traditional pest control are listed below.

  • Irritation to the nose, eyes, throat, or skin may occur as a result of coming into even brief contact with typical pest control chemicals or the after-effects of these chemicals. Prolonged exposure to certain chemicals and pest control poisons can also increase the risk of damage to the nervous system and kidneys or increase the risk of certain cancers.
  • Pest control chemicals used in areas that aren’t well-ventilated may trigger allergies or other breathing issues. Respiratory irritation is common in places that use harsh chemicals and don’t properly ventilate or air out the space before allowing humans and pets back into the structure.
  • Certain pest control chemicals and poisons may harm plants and pets. If pets unsuspectingly come into contact with a chemical, they risk exposure and major health issues, some of which can be fatal. When it comes to plants, introducing too many chemicals can pollute the soil or cause plants to die, which can be very upsetting for some individuals.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Benefits

Eco-friendly pest control is one of the best alternatives to traditional pest control out there. The chemicals used in eco-friendly pest control can almost always be just as effective in ridding your home, business, and property of all types of pests, but without the negative effects of traditional harsh pest control chemicals.

Eco-friendly pest control will not cause major health issues, skin, nose, throat, or respiratory irritation, or be fatal in any way to people and most pets. The chemicals used in eco-friendly pest control are also much better for the environment. They will not kill plants, pollute soil, or stick around your property for ages after being administrated. Eco-friendly pest control is the best choice for someone who wants safe, effective pest control treatment without the stress of harsh chemicals.

Effective Pest Control Services

The best price pest control can be found with EnviroGuard, pioneers of eco-friendly, effective pest control services in the San Antonio area. Every specialist at EnviroGuard has extensive training on the safe removal of the pests that may be invading your home or business and can easily offer you peace of mind when it comes to receiving affordable, customized pest control treatments.

Contact EnviroGuard today to learn more and get started protecting your San Antonio property from pests.