All The Ways Ants Get Into Huntsville, AL Homes

ant on a leaf

If you are a homeowner, the chances that you'll see an ant are rather high. They are one of the most widespread pests in the area, and while they are generally nuisance pests, they are so invasive that they aren't ever easy to deal with. If you do find ants around your home, there are likely many, many more that you're not seeing. Since ants can be invasive, and occasionally dangerous or destructive, learning how to keep ants out of your Huntsville home is vital.

Ant Species In Huntsville

The most common invasive but generally harmless ant species in the area are little black ants and acrobat ants. Acrobat ants have heart-shaped abdomens, and they are usually a light brown to dark brown color. Little black ants are tiny and range from dark brown to black.

The more problematic species are carpenter ants and fire ants. Carpenter ants cause issues by tunneling through wood and can destroy flooring, drywall, outbuildings, and more. And, because they don't eat the wood they tunnel through, this species is a dual-threat by causing property damage and contaminating our food items. Fire ants are known for their ability to sting and bite, and sometimes their venom can lead to allergic reactions. They are a fitting orange color.

Factors That Attract Ants

While some ants prefer to live outside and others are more likely to live indoors than others, they will all be drawn in by food crumbs and spills. Ants are attracted to many food sources, including pet food, sweets, grains, and more. Another significant factor that can attract ants is excess humidity around the property.

There are also many ways for ants to get into a building. They are smaller than most other pests, so they can find even minuscule crevices and holes to slip through. Ants can get inside through holes in the walls and foundation, through rips in screens, or under doors and windows that aren't properly sealed.

Tips For Preventing Ants In Huntsville

While ants are difficult to prevent, there are still some effective measures you can take to control ants and keep them at bay. Here are some of the most valuable prevention tips:

  • Tip One: Make it harder for ants to get inside by repairing broken screens, sealing holes in the exterior with caulk, and installing door sweeps and weather stripping.
  • Tip Two: Focus on good food storage habits. Keep pet food stored inside and regularly clean out pantries and cupboards. Wipe up food and drink spills right away.
  • Tip Three: Ensure that all trash cans have lids and remove yard debris such as dropped fruit and leaf litter.
  • Tip Four: Reduce moisture issues by removing standing water, ensuring rainwater can drain, and fixing leaky plumbing. If you have problem rooms that have a lot of humidity issues, use dehumidifiers. 

Dealing With Ant infestations Effectively

Seeing ants around your Huntsville home? Instead of trying to remove these highly invasive pests on your own, give the pest control experts at EnviroGuard a call right away. Ants can have sprawling colonies that contain thousands of individuals, and they can hide in many hard-to-reach spaces. DIY ant control isn't very effective, but our trained technicians can easily handle ant prevention and eradication.

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