Are Earwigs In San Antonio Dangerous?

close up of earwig

Earwigs are pests that infiltrate homes and businesses in San Antonio that a licensed pest control company can safely and effectively eliminate. Earwig bugs are classified in the Dermaptera order, and their name is believed to be based on an old European myth that these creatures climbed into people’s ears as they slept. There are estimated to be more than 20 different species found in North America. 

What does an earwig look like? How can I recognize earwigs in my house? 

Earwigs are an insect with a long, narrow body that rarely exceeds one inch and a “leathery” appearance in shades of dark brown or black.

They have six legs, antennae, two pairs of wings, and are equipped with pincers. In yard areas, earwigs are most commonly found in piles of vegetation or debris, where they often live together in groups.

Do Earwig Bugs Bite Or Sting?

Despite their somewhat frightening appearance, earwigs pose a minimal risk to humans. When threatened, they will use their pincers; however, they are generally not strong enough to break the skin. Earwigs sometimes generate an odorous liquid to defend themselves, but this also is not toxic to humans. 

Earwigs can harm crops and plants within gardens because they may consume seedlings that drain all the nutrients. Other food sources include flowers, leaves, mold, insects, and more.

Tips For How To Keep Earwigs Away From The Exterior Areas

Many individuals are unaware of how to prevent earwigs from venturing into areas near a structure. Earwigs are generally attracted to areas of high moisture and debris. Debris from the area adjacent to the property should be removed, including piles of leaves, mulch, and firewood storage areas. Keep branches, shrubs, and other types of vegetation trimmed back away from the structure.

Best Practices For Eliminating Earwigs In My House

Because of their small and slender body, earwigs can gain access to a home’s interior through small openings. Carefully inspect the exterior of the property for any cracks that have developed in the foundation and fill them using a weather-resistant caulk or sealant. Basements and crawlspaces should have sufficient ventilation and use a dehumidifier when necessary to reduce moisture and humidity.

Property owners that are experiencing problems associated with earwigs are encouraged to seek assistance from a local pest extermination company that will get the job done safely and completely. Too many individuals attempt do-it-yourself treatment options sold by retailers that are promoted using often exaggerated claims of being a “quick and easy” solution to these concerns. In reality, most of these products, including aerosol sprays, granular formulas, and baiting stations, only deliver short-term results that fail to eradicate the problem fully. 

A licensed professional will visit the property to perform a thorough interior and exterior inspection to assess the type(s) of pest involved and the best means of treatment.

Pest Control Experts In San Antonio

Our team of seasoned professionals has the tools needed and thorough training regarding how to prevent earwigs from returning to the premises. For many years now, the technicians with EnviroGuard Pest Control have been delivering results for local home and business owners in this region that are struggling with rodents, termites, bed bugs, and many other aggravating and potentially harmful pests. Our management team has a firm commitment toward ensuring that we demonstrate the highest quality customer service in the pest control industry.

In addition to offering excellent customer service, we now employ many of the latest treatment options that have proven to be safe for humans, their pets, and the local environment. Contact one of our friendly team members today to schedule an onsite inspection.