How To Get Rid Of American Cockroaches In Your Austin Home

close up of cockroach

Many homeowners in Austin are unaware of the dangers that cockroaches pose and the importance of contacting a pest control professional for treatment. The American cockroach (Periplaneta americana L.) is one of the most common types and poses tremendous challenges for those seeking ways of how to keep cockroaches away. The species is sometimes referred to as the water bug or palmetto bug and is known for its large size, often having a body length the exceeds two inches; however, most range closer to about 1.5 inches. 

The American cockroach is actually believed to have originated in Africa and traveled to North America back in the 1600s. The species appears in shades of red or brown, has six legs, antennae, and has a yellow “figure 8-like” marking on its back. 

Recognizing the signs of cockroaches is often challenging because they are predominately nocturnal insects that prefer moving in the dark in search of food and remaining hidden during the day. Noticing active cockroaches scurrying during the day is often an indication of a developing infestation, as food becomes increasingly scarce. They commonly rest behind kitchen appliances, including refrigerators and stoves, and can fit their flat bodies beneath floor coverings and in crevices near floorboards and molding. 

Other signs of cockroaches include the presence of dead bugs, their droppings, and the egg capsules or cases they produce. The egg cases of the American cockroach are approximately one inch long, appear in colors of red, brown, or black, and often contains more than one dozen eggs. As cockroach infestations expand, a musty odor usually develops that becomes detectable. 

The Dangers Of Having A Cockroach Infested House

American cockroaches are scavengers that will travel through areas of garbage, sewers, and drains and may have exposure to a host of germs and parasites. These creatures are known for carrying more than 30 different types of bacteria and have been associated with E.coli, salmonellosis, and many other harmful conditions. When larger infestations develop in a home, not only do cockroaches contaminate food and surfaces, but the large accumulations of their urine and feces may trigger allergic reactions among those with sensitivities.

Should I Try The Retail Cockroach Control Products?

Are you struggling with determining how to get rid of cockroaches in Texas? Avoid making the mistake that many individuals make by searching the internet or local home improvement stores for do-it-yourself treatment options. These products, including stick traps, baiting stations, and foggers, are generally insufficient for expelling larger groups of cockroaches that have expanded their presence within a home. 

In many cases, cockroaches will deeply penetrate interior areas such as inside walls, below floors, and other areas that may provide them refuge. Meanwhile, these retail treatment options produce limited results by primarily killing just the bugs that are more directly exposed. A better course of action involves consulting with a seasoned provider of pest elimination services that has the training, knowledge, and equipment necessary to oust these intrusions thoroughly. 

Experienced Provider Of Pest Control Solutions

Property owners that are struggling with how to get rid of cockroaches in Texas are encouraged to avoid trying store-bought cockroach control products and contact a local professional that is better equipped to reach the core of the infestation and eradicate them completely. A professional pest controller will closely assess the exterior of the structure to detect possible points of entry and identify other property conditions that may make you vulnerable to infiltration by other types of troublesome pests. 

We look forward to speaking with you to schedule an onsite inspection of the property. Keep in mind that are specialists are often available for responding the same day for those with more immediate pest-related concerns.