San Antonio's Guide To Effective Drywood Termite Removal

up close image of a termite chewing on wood

Pest Control in San Antonio presents a lot of unique challenges. Our climate is perfect for all sorts of critters.

One of the pests we commonly deal with is drywood termites. It’s worth educating homeowners on these insects and what they’re capable of, so we’ve put together a guide on drywood termites, signs of their infestation, as well as what to do in the event an infestation takes hold.

Little Known Signs Of Drywood Termites

Termites are common, but not everywhere and not in every house. In fact, good pest control and prevention will keep most infestations from ever taking hold. If you notice the following signs around your house, however, you most likely have an infestation:

  • Discarded wings.
  • Clicking or ticking sounds in the walls at night.
  • Wood and other lumber appear to sound hollow or odd to the touch.
  • You see “ants” that are white or light brown in color – a lot of people errantly assume these are some sort of white ant. In reality, they’re termites!

If you notice the signs of a termite infestation, reach out today to get started on serving them an eviction notice. A drywood termite treatment is the only way to ensure an infestation is fully eradicated.

How Serious Is A Drywood Termite Infestation?

Some pests infest a home and more or less become an annoyance, or even remain hidden and unobtrusive altogether.

Others however are far more dangerous to have around. Some pests can be aggressive toward humans or pets, while others like termites and silverfish can – believe it or not – live on a steady diet of wood and paper products.

These are what the “bones” of just about every home in the country are made from, so termites in high enough numbers or over a long enough time scale can significantly damage a home.

Different kinds of termites have different “appetites” per se, and varying capacities to damage a home, but broadly speaking they are a total nuisance and a liability to have around.

Natural Ways To Make Your Home Less Attractive To Drywood Termites

Termite control in San Antonio isn’t something that the average homeowner can hope to achieve. While it’s easy to kill or remove the odd bug once they’re spotted, a full infestation means these critters likely have a breeding ground hidden away somewhere where you can’t and won’t find it.

Keeping termites out of your San Antonio home, then, is the best you can do. An infestation is best left to the professionals, but termite prevention is up to each and every homeowner.

Here are some ways to prevent termites from setting up shop in your home:

  • Keep firewood and other brush away from your home.
  • Same for vegetation and plants – don’t put them against your home.
  • Keep the lawn and other flora trimmed well.
  • Eliminate sources of standing water or frequent moisture (a leaky hose).
  • Keep food sources cleaned up, even outdoors.

When it comes to keeping termites away, great landscaping habits will go a very long way.

The Best Thing To Do If You Spot Signs Of Drywood Termites

If you see drywood termites on your property, there’s only one resolution you should consider. Get the professionals involved, and don’t delay too long.

Termites have the capacity to damage structures and cause the value of a property, or indeed its integrity, to plummet. Of all the pests we deal with, termites present the most time-sensitive issues that homeowners are likely to face from any invading pests.

That’s why professional termite treatments are so essential. If you’ve got drywood termites in your home, call EnviroGuard today. There’s no better termite solution, and we have years of experience dealing with these pests.

Reach out today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in San Antonio.