Can I Deal With Termites In My Waco Home Myself?

termites destroying wood in a home

When faced with termites, time is not on your side. If left alone, these insects will destroy your home from the inside out. Without effective pest control in Waco, your house may suffer structural damage that can cost thousands to repair.

As a homeowner with a termite problem, you have some options to consider. In this article, we’ll explore whether do-it-yourself termite control works, the damage termites cause, and the trick to getting rid of termites for good.

Can I Treat My House For Termites Myself?

After realizing your home has a termite infestation, your first thought may be whether you can tackle the problem on your own. For some pests, DIY pest control is relatively simple and effective, at least in the short term. Termite control, however, is a more complex process that is best left to professionals who have the training, experience, and equipment to get the job done right. 

When homeowners attempt DIY termite removal, they are unlikely to be able to fully eradicate the entire termite population. If you go this route, you run the risk of allowing some of the termites to get away and continue reproducing and damaging your home. In the long-run, you will likely end up with more property damage and a larger bill for repairs.

Is It Possible To Fully Get Rid Of Termites?

Without professional pest control, it is very difficult to completely get rid of termites. Termites live in large colonies and may infest multiple areas of your home. It can be difficult to identify and access all of the areas that termites have infested, and store-bought chemicals and baits are typically less effective than professional treatments.

Full termite removal is virtually impossible without professional intervention. The good news is, a reputable pest control company should be able to effectively treat for termites and eliminate them from your Waco home. They should also be able to provide preventative solutions to keep termites from returning to your property.

What Kind Of Damage Can Termites Cause?

A termite colony can devour about 5 grams of wood each day. Over time, this can inflict significant damage to the wooden structures of your home. In severe cases, a termite problem can even cause a building collapse.

Termites will infest any wooden elements of your home, including walls, floors, siding, roofing, door frames, window sills, and decks. 

While termites often go undetected for long periods of time, some indications can alert you to their presence. Signs of termites in homes include:

  • Mud tubes on the outside of your home, which termites build to keep themselves protected and moist as they travel.
  • Discarded termite wings on windowsills or near doors.
  • Soft wood that produces a hollow sound when tapped. 
  • Wood that becomes darker or blistered.
  • Paint on wooden structures that appears bubbling or uneven.
  • Piles of a sawdust-like material, which is actually termite feces.

Staying alert for these signs of termites can help you detect the problem before too much damage has been done.

The Trick To Permanently Getting Rid Of Termites In Waco

If you have a termite problem in your Waco home, contact the experts at EnviroGuard. We have over 40 years of combined experience and provide customizable termite control solutions that are both safe and effective.

When there are signs of termites in homes, EnviroGuard comes to the rescue and delivers quality termite treatments. We also provide preventative termite control to keep termites from re-infesting your home. Don’t allow termites to make a meal out of your house; contact us today for a free termite control inspection.