Cockroach Control Made Simple For San Antonio Homes

cockroach near door jam

Seeing a cockroach in your home is alarming; cockroaches have a bad reputation for a reason. These pests are filthy creatures that spread harmful pathogens all over our homes. People sometimes think most types of cockroaches only infest dirty houses, but the truth is they will go anywhere that meets their needs for food, water, and shelter. 

Cockroaches are a common reason people search for pest control in San Antonio. These creepy pests have an uncanny ability to sneak into our homes, and one or two can quickly turn into a severe cockroach infestation. They are also notoriously hard to eliminate. Read on to learn how to keep cockroaches away and what to do if you have a roach problem.

How Do I Tell If It’s Cockroaches In My House?

The two most common types of cockroaches to infest homes in our area are the light brown to tan German cockroach and the reddish-brown American cockroach. Cockroaches typically try to stay out of sight and are nocturnal, so you are more likely to see signs of them rather than the actual insects.

Some signs of a cockroach infestation include finding shed skins and egg capsules. Cockroach droppings in your home are another sure sign of a problem. German roach droppings look like black pepper or smears, and American ones are cylindrical. If an infestation is particularly large, you may notice the mild musty smell of cockroach pheromones throughout your home.

Cockroaches Are Known To Spread Harmful Pathogens

Before the cockroaches enter our homes, they travel through the most disgusting places imaginable. Roaches spend their time in garbage dumps, sewers, and among decaying plants and animals, and their spiny legs and bodies pick up pathogens they then spread to the surfaces in our home. 

Cockroaches not only spread bacteria like salmonella and E. coli but also carry six types of parasitic worms and seven human pathogens that can make our families ill. Their saliva, shed skins, and cockroach droppings in your home can cause allergy symptoms and asthma attacks; this is especially true with German cockroaches. The threat to our health is the primary reason it is so important to contact a company familiar with cockroach pest control in San Antonio as soon as you notice the first signs of them.

Tips To Deter Roaches In San Antonio

Learning how to keep cockroaches away can protect your family. Here are a few tips to help you deter roaches:

  • Keep your home clean and tidy; while a dirty house isn’t needed to attract cockroaches, a clean one offers fewer places to hide and less food to eat.
  • Take your trash out frequently, and be sure it is in well-sealed receptacles.
  • Seal cracks and crevices outside your home, especially to the foundation and around doors and windows.
  • Do not leave food or pet food sitting out.

An experienced roach pest control company will be able to give you even more tips on how to deter cockroaches in your home and keep them out for good.

Professional Pest Control Is The Easiest Way To Keep Roaches At Bay 

Whether you are dealing with German or American cockroaches, the simplest and most effective way to eliminate them is to work with a company specializing in cockroach pest control in San Antonio, like EnviroGuard. 

At EnviroGuard, our service professionals know how to eliminate a cockroach infestation in your home. They can also show you how to deter cockroaches on your property and what may attract them. Contact us today to find out what we can do to keep your family safe from these dangerous pests.