Eliminate Fleas For Good: Effective Control Methods For Homes In Huntsville

flea crawling in white pet hair

People often assume that fleas are a pet problem, but these insects can be a problem even in homes without pets. Whether your cat or dog is endlessly scratching and grooming themselves excessively, or you find mysterious bites on your family’s ankles or legs, if you suspect you have a flea invasion, it is time to take action. This article will provide everything you need to get rid of these pests once and for all.

We’ll start by explaining how to identify fleas in your home and review the risks they pose to your family and pets. We’ll also provide prevention tips to ensure you won’t have another infiltration. Continue reading to learn how to achieve successful flea control in Huntsville with the pros from EnviroGuard.

Flea Identification: What Do They Look Like?

Bites alone cannot confirm a flea infestation because they can easily be confused with other pests like bed bugs or mosquitoes. Fleas are between 1/12 and 1/6 of an inch, red or dark brown, and have a flat shape, two antennae, and six strong legs that enable them to jump large distances. Adult fleas have bristles on their bodies that allow them to move quickly through fur and hair.

If you have pets, combing their fur will often reveal hidden fleas. For homes without pets, brushing through the carpet will likely cause fleas to jump with their powerful legs to help you catch sight of them. If you need assistance identifying or eliminating fleas in your home, contact us at EnviroGuard to learn more about our services.

The Hidden Dangers Of Fleas: Understanding The Hazards

If you have fleas in the house, you already know how irritating they can be, but these pests carry hidden risks that endanger your family and pets. The following list details some of the potential health problems these pests can cause:

  • Murine typhus
  • Bartonellosis
  • Tapeworm
  • Tungiasis
  • Tularemia

Excessive bites on pets can also cause anemia from blood loss, and both pets and people can have allergic reactions to flea bites. If you suspect these insects are in your home or yard, the sooner you get rid of them, the safer everyone will be. Contact us today at EnviroGuard to learn how our flea control services can help protect your family and pets from these dangerous pests.

Getting Rid Of Fleas: Contact Us For Effective Control

Fleas rapidly reproduce, with females laying about 2000 eggs in around 100 days, so we suggest taking action at the first signs of these insects. The best way to get rid of fleas is to work with a company with the experience and tools necessary to eradicate an infestation. Contact us today at EnviroGuard to learn how our flea treatments can eliminate these pests and prevent another invasion.

Effective Flea Prevention: Tips For A Flea-Free Home

Whether you have pets that go outside or wild animals that visit your yard, you’ll want to take some steps to ensure fleas don’t get back inside the house. Here are some of our most effective tips for flea prevention:

  • Regularly bathe and groom pets and frequently wash their bedding.
  • Consult your veterinarian for preventative medicine for pets.
  • Install fencing around the yard to keep animals out and 
  • Promptly deal with any rodent infestations.
  • Keep dogs on a leash while outdoors.
  • Vacuum frequently to catch any fleas that get inside.

The pros at EnviroGuard can help with flea extermination and prevention. Contact us today to learn more about our flea control solutions or to get your free quote.