Home Pest Control In Laredo Is Necessary

home pest control

Many people assume that pest problems aren’t that big of a deal. They think they can address any future pest concerns on their own and that most pests in Laredo aren’t very serious. But, this is a false assumption. There are many pests in Laredo that can be invasive, and several can be dangerous or destructive. Handling pest problems as they arise usually results in spending more money and dealing with more stress than is necessary. Instead, there are many good reasons to seek professional home pest control.

Types Of Pests That Commonly Invade Laredo Homes

There is a rather long list of pests that can invade homes. But, some are more common than others. Some of the most frequent are rodents, cockroaches, ants, and spiders. These species can cause either health issues or property damage, and some can cause both. Then, the more harmless nuisance pests can still be invasive, such as silverfish and earwigs.

The Dangers Pests Bring To Laredo Homes

Many of Laredo's most prevalent pest problems are more than just disgusting to find or scary to look at. Instead, they can bring with them many significant concerns that you should be aware of. Here is what you need to know:

  • Rodents like mice and rats can spread diseases like rat-bite fever and hantavirus. Rodents can also damage your property as they chew through the fabric, drywall, wires, plastic, and much more.
  • Cockroaches spread dozens of diseases, including typhoid fever and salmonellosis.
  • Many ant species can spread pathogens, while others can destroy wooden items.
  • While most spiders are harmless, a couple of species are dangerous to humans because they have potent venom. 

 Natural Pest Prevention Tips For Laredo Homes

While home pest control is the best way to prevent and remove pest problems, there are a few ways you can help prevent pests. You can focus on general pest prevention by eliminating factors that attract pests, such as access to food and water. Here are some of the main ways to prevent pests:

  • Clean up clutter around the yard and inside of the home.
  • Get rid of excess humidity by repairing leaky plumbing and removing standing water from the yard.
  • Make it more challenging for pests to get inside by sealing up holes in the exterior wall and foundation and repairing broken screens. You can also add door sweeps and weather stripping around exterior doors and windows. 
  • Keep kitchens clean and wipe up food and drink spills right away.
  • Remove bird feeders from the property and store any pet food indoors in sealed containers.

The Best Form Of Pest Protection For Your Laredo Home

Along with practicing general pest prevention tips, the best way to keep your home safe is with assistance from EnviroGuard. We offer ongoing plans to keep the most common pests in the area at bay, and if you're currently dealing with pest infestations, we can remove them quickly.

Get started with our year-round pest control services by calling us today. You can learn more or book an inspection.