The Trick To Keeping Problematic Wildlife Out Of Your Pensacola Home

a raccoon climbing a house

Types Of Problematic Wildlife In Pensacola

When you think of Pensacola, your mind probably goes to long sandy beaches and a bright blue ocean view. A question you might not be thinking about is where is the best wildlife removal near me? The truth is, while the sandy beaches and blue ocean are nearby, so are some rather pesky critters, and they want to get inside your home. Some of these wild pests include:

If you find yourself face to face with a wildlife pest problem, it may be time to call the professionals at EnviroGuard for the safest and most effective wildlife removal in Pensacola.

The Dangers Wildlife Bring To Pensacola Properties

The reason professional wildlife removal is highly recommended to Pensacola residents is the fact that many wildlife pests pose health risks for you and your family. Whether it’s through direct contact with one of these wild critters or their feces and urine, homeowners may be susceptible to a variety of diseases or concerns if wild animals have invaded your home. 

  • Rats and mice: Rodents carry a variety of diseases including, rat-bite fever, tularemia, hantavirus, and salmonellosis.
  • Raccoons: Racoons are the number one carrier of rabies in Florida.
  • Bats: Potential for fungal diseases spread through their droppings.
  • Snakes: Many snakes are venomous and their bite can cause serious health concerns.

In addition to health concerns, many of these pests pose other risks to your family and home. Squirrels for example, are mega chewers who will stop at nothing to chew and gnaw their way into your home. Mice and rats will also gnaw their way into your home.

These pests are not careful with their chewing. Frequently they are drawn to the electrical wires within the walls of your home. The last thing any Pensacola homeowner needs is chewed wires, a significant fire hazard, between their walls. If you think you may have pests lurking about your home, don’t hesitate to contact EnviroGuard for professional wildlife removal.

The Key To Effective Wildlife Control In Pensacola

The key to effective wildlife pest control in Pensacola is EnviroGuard. At EnviroGuard, we offer fast and friendly service to all of our customers. In addition, we care about our customers' safety and stay up-to-date on all of the latest wildlife pest control techniques.

Upon arrival, our pest experts will conduct a thorough evaluation, offer customized treatment options, and provide lasting results so you and your family can once again feel safe from unwanted wildlife in your Pensacola home. Call us today for your free quote!

Practical Wildlife Prevention Tips For Pensacola Properties

Prevention is key to keeping your Pensacola home and your family safe from wildlife. If you see critters scurrying about your yard, it’s time to pay close attention. They could be attempting to seek shelter in or around your shed or garage, or worse, your home.

Follow these simple tips to prevent wildlife from creeping into your Pensacola home:

  • Seal up potential areas at the exterior of your home where pests could gain access to your home. Install caps on vents and chimneys.
  • Keep food stored in airtight containers, including pet food.
  • Keep trash receptacles tightly covered and away from the exterior of your home at all times.
  • Install weather stripping on windows and doors to ensure a proper seal.
  • Call EnviroGuard at the first sign of a problem!