How To Keep Spiders Away From The Exterior Of Your Home

spider on a rock

Enjoying the sunshine is a must during these Austin summers. Sitting outside can be a great way to reflect, relax, and unwind. But if uninvited guests start to invade your porch or patio, it can ruin the day or even the season. Spiders set up webs on porches and other exterior locations of a property. Austin pest control experts are here to tell you why they do it and how to stop them.

Why Do Spiders Make Webs on Porches?

All types of spiders chase after their food supply, water sources, and places to hideout. If bugs are wandering around your property, spiders are not far behind. They'll build their webs where the food is, and porches can be the main attraction. Things that attract spiders to porches are:

  • Populations of insects close by
  • Lights on at night
  • Predators that endanger spiders in the yard, thus forcing them to move to the porch
  • Humid and damp corners or areas

A lot of insects look for body heat, carbon dioxide, and human scent. These can all come from inside a house, leading to the buildup of insect populations. These populations draw in spiders, which in turn bring about spiderwebs. If there are webs set up on the porch, it won't be long before they lay their eggs, leading to tiny spiders in your house if you don't actively keep them out. 

Are Spiders Attracted To Light?

Light doesn't attract spiders, but it attracts the thing they seek most: insect prey. Insects will come to light sources at night, including:

  • Light from inside the house
  • Light from outside porch lights
  • The isolation of these lights from other sources

Since insects flutter in uneven patterns, spiders will build their webs close to the light. They won't hang out on their webs until it's dark or until they successfully capture their prey.

Exterior Prevention Tips For Spider Control

Food, water, and shelter are the inevitable needs of most organisms. Spiders are no exception. Aside from their desire to eat bugs, they'll also search for moisture or places to hide. To get rid of spiders from your yard, you can:

  • Mow the grass and clean up cut grass blades.
  • Prune bushes and keep shrubs neatly trimmed.
  • Use drapes to block the light from your windows at night.
  • Make sure to seal your trash cans tightly. 
  • Maintain gutters, downspouts, and other water drainage systems.
  • Clear out all debris, rocks, clutter, and unused equipment where they can hide.
  • Dry up any stagnant water.

The best home defense for spiders is to keep a clean yard. It prevents spiders from finding secret places to wait for prey. In addition, focus on what types of insects come into your yard most. Preventing these food sources can also prevent spiders in homes and yards alike. As professionals at EnviroGuard, we encourage you to take proactive measures so problems don't get out of hand.

Total Home Pest Control For Your Austin Home

Any pest can burgeon into an unpredictable infestation. If spiders are overtaking your turf, whether outside or inside, you may need to hire professional pest control assistance to oust them for good. Spiders might also be preventing the development of other pests, so handling them takes more consideration than the initial problem. 

At EnviroGuard, we know the best way to get rid of spiders and how their removal will affect the ecology of the home environment. We assess the needs of each property on an individual basis, offering insightful home inspections and ideal solutions. If you're experiencing an infestation, don't wait to give us a call. We're here to serve Austin and the surrounding community with the utmost care.