What To Do About Voles In Pensacola

close up of a vole

Maybe you’ve looked out into your yard and saw a cute little “mouse,”… or so you thought. And while that little “mouse” might be cute, what you may have on your hands is actually a vole. But the most important thing to remember with voles on your Pensacola property is that if you see one, there’s more nearby, and having one vole is one too many!

Voles are typically harmless to humans, but they can indeed wreak havoc on your property. EnviroGuard is your top-rated Pensacola exterminator company to rid your property of those cute, unwanted visitors.

What Does A Vole In Pensacola Look Like?

Often confused with moles, voles have similar characteristics of moles but are actually quite easy to tell apart. Fun Fact: Voles are rodents, but moles actually aren’t. Who knew!

One of the biggest ways to tell whether you have voles on your Pensacola property is by their physical appearance. Voles are closer in appearance to mice, with rounded ears and round, grayish, or light brown bodies. Moles have hairless, long snouts, distinguishing claws for digging, and darker bodies.

How Do You Get Voles In Your Yard?

When you see voles in your yard, you might be wondering: what attracts voles? Well, first, you can breathe easy unknowing that these critters don’t typically get into your house, as they find your yard or garden much more welcoming. But the real question is: why are voles in my yard?

There are actually quite a few things that can attract voles to your property.

  • High Grass: Voles love high grass as it’s just more comforting for them to roam around.
  • No Fencing: A fenced yard can help prevent voles from entering your yard. Just make sure your fence is installed at least 10 inches in the ground.
  • Cluttered Yard: If your yard is full of leaves, branches, and other debris, it then becomes a playground for voles.

True enough, voles are outdoor critters, and they belong outdoors, but that doesn’t mean they should have free reign to wreak havoc on your yard! These are some preventive measures you can take on your own, but ultimately, you’re going to need to enlist the services of Pensacola Pest Control professionals. EnviroGuard is your trusted provider of quality vole control.

Signs Of Voles In Your Garden

Typically, before you see the voles themselves, you’ll see signs of their presence. Here are a few things to look for in your garden and even with your pets!

  • Holes in your yard
  • Your cat trying to catch “something”
  • Tiny trails or tunnels in your garden
  • Wilted and collapsed plants

If you had a beautiful and thriving garden, and you suddenly notice that it’s not as fruitful as it used to be, it’s worth investigating. It could be a multitude of different critters, but if you notice any of the signs above, you’ll want to give us a call for our vole control services.

How To Keep Voles Away For Good!

Pest control for voles is best left to the professionals. Our team of experts here at EnviroGuard has solutions to prevent and remove vole infestations. Reach out to us today to learn more about our rodent control options