Hornet Invasions On Pensacola Properties: The Dangers And How To Prevent Them

an up close image of a hornet

What would you rather find on your Pensacola property, a wasp nest or a hornet nest? Most people would rather deal with wasps than hornets. This is partly due to the stigma that surrounds these pests. Wasps, although still scary, seem less dangerous than hornets. We are going to take some time today to find out if this is really the case.

Contact our team at EnviroGuard if you don’t need to learn more about hornets but need a nest removed from your property. We will share some of our options for control and help you deal with these pests quickly. To learn more about hornets and hornet control in Pensacola, keep reading. We have some things you need to know.

Hornet Identification: Key Markers To Help You Identify Hornets

Hornets are not much different than wasps. In fact, the lines between these two pests are extremely blurry. What we know is what species are considered hornets and which experts deem to be wasps. The only common type of hornet in Pensacola is the bald-faced hornet. This pest has a ½ to ?” long, black body and white markings on its face and body. Interestingly, it is not that much bigger than other common types of stinging insects that live locally.

One thing you should know about these pests, however, is how they build their nests. Bald-faced hornet nests are made of chewed-up paper and look like a reverse teardrop. You might find nests on the side of buildings, in trees, or in other high-up areas.

The Risks Of Hornets On The Property: Potential Health Risks

Before we talk about hornet pest control, we want you to know exactly how dangerous these pests are. The good news is that hornets are not more dangerous than other stinging insects. On Schmidt’s stinging insect scale, they are rated a 2.0 for pain. The paper wasp rates at a 3.0, which is a big bump.

Keeping this in mind, a hornet still hurts a fair amount and can be life-threatening to individuals with allergies to venom. There is also an increased risk of injury the more times a person is stung. We recommend avoiding these pests as much as possible, preferably by investing in hornet pest control in Pensacola.

Creating A Hornet-Free Zone: Essential Steps For Prevention

There are several tips and tricks that can help you deter hornets from your property. To keep things simple, here are some of the best green hornet pest control strategies.

  • Knock down newly forming nests before they grow larger than a golf ball.
  • Keep up with mowing and general yard clean-up. 
  • Clean up thoroughly after hosting an outdoor gathering.
  • Keep food, dishes, and drinks covered when eating outdoors. 
  • Make sure your trash cans have pest-proof lids.

Bring in our team at EnviroGuard if you need professional help removing a nest from your property. 

Experienced Hornet Control: Restoring Peace With Professional Control

Living with a hornet nest near or inside your home is scary. Let us provide you with peace of mind. Our team at EnviroGuard offers comprehensive and professional hornet nest removal services to aid locals.

If you even think these or other stinging insects are present on your property, bring in our team. We will find out what you are dealing with and find a quick option to handle your problem. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings. We will show you why EnviroGuard is your absolute best option to deal with hornets and other pests here in Pensacola.