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a tick up close

Ticks are tiny and can be exceptionally small, yet they can dish out a world of pain if they are not dealt with immediately. In some cases, you might not even be aware that you need tick protection because you don’t know you have a tick problem in your Corpus Christi home. Solid tick control is necessary when you want to rid your property of ticks in Corpus Christi completely.

Our team can help you get rid of ticks by providing pest control in Corpus Christi that you can count on. We understand how frustrating such a tiny invader can be, especially when unnoticed. But that is why we can deliver on a pest-free guarantee with our effective tick control methods.

Is This A Tick?

There are around 900 species of ticks in the world and of that 900, there are about four  types of ticks in Corpus Christi that are commonly found. Here are the four kinds of ticks you should watch out for around your home:

  • Lone star tick
  • American dog tick
  • Deer tick
  • Brown dog tick

These ticks are all similar in size and shape, and all fall into the category of hard-covered ticks. These four ticks are also all varying shades of brown, and all can carry and transmit deadly diseases. When you find them on you or your pets, you need to take action and enlist the aid of solid tick protection around your home.

Every Disease That Ticks Can Transmit

When dealing with any types of ticks in Corpus Christi, you should stay vigilant because ticks can carry nasty viruses and ailments. These diseases can be transmitted by way of blood contact and can negatively affect the host. Some of these negative things include Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. 

Many of these illnesses can result in a fever, and if you do not seek medical attention, they can be fatal. You should seek help if you think a tick has infected you with something, and always be aware when outside or playing with your pets.

How To Effectively Deter Ticks In Corpus Christi

There are ways to stop a tick infestation before it gets out of control within your home. Here are a few tips and natural tick prevention tricks that can help deter ticks from your home:

  • Keep your lawn cut short and mow it regularly.
  • Remove any cut firewood from around your foundation or doors and keep the area decluttered.
  • Keep your lawn raked and dispose of any trimmings or leaves.
  •  Trim tree branches and bushes so they are not overgrown.
  • Install a barrier of rocks or diatomaceous earth around your home’s foundation.

Using pesticides around your yard can sometimes do more harm than good. Pesticides can be a hazard to your children or pets or even your yard itself if they end up killing your grass. However, nothing is as effective as calling a professional team to deal with the problem. 

The Best Way To Permanently Remove Ticks From My Property

When you want to get rid of ticks,  natural tick prevention tips might not always cut it. That’s where we at EnviroGuard step in and lend you a hand with tick control around your property. Our team is made up of highly-qualified techs that have 40 years of combined experience in the pest control field. 

You can put your trust in us to effectively handle ticks in Corpus Christi that find their way around your home. At EnviroGuard, we work together to figure out a plan of attack that will best suit your home and situation because no two cases are alike. Reach out to our team at EnviroGuard today for a free inspection and get the ball rolling on a pest-free home.