How To Effectively Prevent House Spiders In Lubbock

wolf spider coming inside

We enjoy living in Lubbock because of the warm weather, award-winning BBQ restaurants, craft beer, outdoor spaces, and much more. After a day of fun at Adventure Park or visiting Buffalo Springs Lake, the last thing we want is to encounter spiders in our homes.  

There are more than 80 types of spiders in Texas. If you have spiders in your home, you need to take action and obtain the Lubbock pest control team from EnviroGuard. Our experts have over 40 years of combined pest control experience, and we know how to stop spiders from infesting your Lubbock home. 

What Kind Of Spiders Tend To Invade Homes 

Spiders are horror movie stars. It is scary to have a multi-legged, multi-eyed, hairy little creature racing toward you! Here are four Texas spiders most likely to invade your Lubbock home: 

  1. Wolf spiders: Long-legged spiders with markings on their dark brown bodies. Wolf spiders live along walls and under furniture. They rarely bite, but if they do, the bite is not poisonous. 
  2. Jumping spiders: Short-legged black, hairy spiders. Jumping spiders prefer doors and windows. They are likely to run away from humans, but they will bite if threatened; however, their bite is not poisonous. 
  3. Brown recluse spiders: Violin-shaped marking is on its brown back. They hide inside storage containers, under furniture, and in dark, recessed areas such as crawlspaces, attics, and closets. They will bite when provoked. A bite from a brown recluse spider may result in pain, fever, restlessness, and in severe cases, ulcers.  
  4. Black widow spiders: Black, shiny spiders that have a red hourglass marking. Black widows live near ground level in dry, dark places in sheds and barns. A bite from a black widow results in fever, high blood pressure, nausea, and sweating. 

Our professionals at EnviroGuard will eliminate these common spiders in Texas. We customize our treatments based on the type of spider infesting your Lubbock home. 

Am I Accidentally Attracting House Spiders?

In addition to the four common spiders in Lubbock mentioned above, you will likely encounter a house spider in your Lubbock home. House spiders have a yellowish-brown body and live under furniture, inside closets, and in garages.

House spiders in Texas build webs in areas where air currents bring in prey. You may be attracting house spiders by leaving your garage door open for long periods during the day, allowing the spiders a place to find shelter and build webs. Light attracts insects which attract spiders. An exterior incandescent porch or deck light in the evening will attract spiders to your home. 

Spider control begins with identifying points of attraction, and our experts at EnviroGuard will help you determine what is appealing to spiders at your Lubbock home.

Simple Spider Prevention Tips For My Lubbock Home

If you are noticing spiders in your home, there is a good chance you are accidentally making your home an inviting environment. These tips can help to avoid alluring spiders in your Lubbock house:

  • Remove clutter from the basement, attic, or garage
  • Seal cracks around the foundation of the house
  • Pick up clothing and shoes nightly
  • Use LED or bug repellant lights for exterior lighting
  • Repair holes in door and window screens 

Minimizing attractions and entry points to your home will help keep spiders away.  

Professional Spider Control Is The Best Option 

As a homeowner, you can take steps to minimize the spider population around your Lubbock home, but the elimination of spiders requires the destruction of their nests and eggs. To get rid of spiders, you need our pest control technicians from EnviroGuard. We will evaluate your situation, identify the best treatment options, and execute a plan of action resulting in the eradication of spiders from your Lubbock home. Contact us today and let us solve your spider problem.