What It Takes To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Laredo Home

a house mouse eating food

A report from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) estimated that rodent intrusions occur in roughly 21 million homes across the U.S. each year. Mice are certainly among the most common home-invading rodents, as they have the ability to infiltrate homes through very small openings. As types of “commensal” rodents, mice find that living in proximity to humans potentially allows them easy access to vital resources, including food, water, and shelter.

Which of the home mouse control products are the most effective? Today, home improvement retailers sell a variety of do-it-yourself rodent control options such as snap traps, sticky traps, and baiting stations. The majority of homeowners who try these mass-marketed products experience very mediocre results that simply create further frustration.

The best solution for removing rodents from your home starts by speaking with a Laredo-area pest control company. Qualified providers of residential mouse control in Laredo understand that solving these problems safely and quickly requires a truly customized approach based on unique conditions and circumstances. EnviroGuard has what you need to take care of your mouse control issues. 

Clear Signs Of Mice In Your House

What are some of the telltale signs of a mouse infestation?

Mice are aggressive scavengers that will rummage through cupboards or pantries containing food, infiltrate trash bags containing food scraps, and leave trails of dried mouse droppings. As primarily nocturnal creatures, homeowners will often hear mice scurrying through interior walls or crawl spaces at night. In many cases, mice will damage indoor materials used for constructing nests, such as paper products, insulation, or upholstery.

Mice In Your Home Are A Hazard To Your Health

Once inside your home, mice will contaminate food and surfaces. Mice often have exposure to filthy conditions, and some of the diseases that mice carry include hantavirus, salmonellosis, tularemia, and other legitimate human health risks. Keep in mind that mice may also create fire hazards by gnawing on electrical wires inside your home.

Proactive Tips To Prevent Mice In Your Home

What are some of the proactive measures that homeowners should consider as part of a mouse prevention strategy? The following tips are most effective:

  • Assess the exterior area of the structure near the foundation for any crevices that might allow entry and fill them with sealant.
  • Limit points of entry by using weatherstripping around window frames and install sweeps along the bases of exterior doors.
  • Trash bags, particularly those in the kitchen, should remain in durable garbage receptacles with functional lids.
  • Adopt a regular cleaning schedule that involves sweeping up crumbs, wiping down counters, and never leaving dirty dishes out overnight.

The aforementioned methods are effective ways of preventing mice from invading your Laredo home; however, they are not infallible. Local homeowners facing an active intrusion should respond promptly by contacting an experienced mouse pest control company for assistance.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Home

Are you struggling with a worsening mice infestation? To effectively expel mice and other harmful rodents from your home in Laredo, get a hold of a qualified, local pest management company.

Did you know that the team of experts with EnviroGuard are among the leading Laredo mouse exterminators? After contacting EnviroGuard, one of our qualified professionals will visit the property to conduct a detailed assessment. We often use a combined strategy to effectively solve problems with mice by removing them from the premises and implementing exclusionary methods that will keep these harmful pests from returning.

In addition to helping local residents with rodent-related concerns, our service team offers a variety of solutions for those struggling with bed bugs, mosquitoes, termites, and many other burdensome creatures that potentially pose health risks and cause property damage. For further details, contact our office today. Also, we are typically available for same-day response services for those with immediate pest-related problems.