What To Do About Pharaoh Ants Around Your Laredo Property

pharaoh ants on food

There are many things you do to protect your Laredo property and keep it safe. You install security systems or surveillance and make sure your doors are locked at night. When it comes to keeping your yard free from invading pests, especially the persistent intruder known as the Pharaoh ant, finding an expert company to perform pest control in Laredo to keep them out is an easy decision. Pharaoh ants spread more than a dozen types of bacteria, including salmonella and Streptococcus pyogenes, so learn how partnering with EnviroGuard keeps your property safe from the hazards these tiny intruders bring.

Where Do Pharaoh Ants Get Their Name?

Pharaoh ants in Laredo are yellow in color and about 1/16 of an inch in length. They get their name from the belief that they were one of the plagues of Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs. Colonies of these ants are usually large, with workers numbering in the thousands. They are commonly found in hotels, grocery stores, and hospitals, and need a high level of heat and humidity to survive. In temperate climates, they cannot survive outdoors and will find their way into buildings to set up their colonies, but they can survive mild winters outside by going dormant.

How To Tell If Pharaoh Ants Are On Your Property

If there is a Pharaoh ant colony on your property, it will be in an inaccessible area where there is no human traffic. Among the places they will set up their colonies include:

  • Under floors
  • In wall voids
  • Around water pipes
  • Near heat registers
  • In bathrooms and kitchens

These ants will travel as far as 150 feet from their nest in search of food. Once they find a source for food and water, they will establish a trail for other ants to follow; kitchens are a prime area where they will set up these trails.

What Attracts Pharaoh Ants?

Pharaoh ants feed on a wide variety of foods but are mainly attracted to sweet things like sugar, syrups, juice, fruit, and soda. If these ants are a problem in your area, keeping floors and surfaces free of these foods and liquids is the key to keeping them from finding your property attractive. Since they are omnivores, they will also eat dead insects and be drawn to protein sources like meat. It is important to make sure all possible points of entry to buildings on your property are sealed, including small openings and cracks around doors and windows. Eliminating any sources of standing water around your property will also give them less reason to choose your property as their breeding ground. The best way to deal with these ants is by partnering with a professional Laredo ant control company to set up a preventive pest management plan to avoid any problems from the start.

How To Keep Pharaoh Ants Away From Your Yard

If you need to control Pharaoh ants on your property or want to be proactive in keeping them away, working with EnviroGuard will be the easiest way to deal with these pests. We provide attentive, friendly, and effective pest control services for residential and commercial customers throughout the Laredo area. Our company has more than 40 years of combined experience in the pest control industry and we have gained a deep knowledge and appreciation of the pest control needs of the area. We offer affordable pricing while using environmentally friendly treatment methods and products, with our top priority keeping your family or business safe and healthy and your property free from pests year-round. Contact us for your free quote today and let us take care of your Pharaoh ant problem.