Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite: The Effective Control Solution For Your Waco Home

bed bug infestation on sheets

If your home ever ends up with a bed bug infestation, EnviroGuard is here to help. There's nothing worse than being kept up all night by itchy little red bites. The phrase "don't let the bed bugs bite" exists for a reason – when they're biting, you're fighting to get some rest! 

Everyone needs a restful night's sleep to reach their full potential. So when the bed bugs are biting, it's time to call for help – and our local professionals here at EnviroGuard are the experts to call!

When bed bugs infest your home, bring us out for the best Waco pest control services available. We treat bed bugs by finding signs of activity during our initial inspection, then providing your property with liquid and spray treatments, mattress encasements, wall injections, and even traps when necessary. We offer room-by-room treatments or whole-house treatments when you need them. 

Our bed bug control service comes with a 30-day guarantee, so you have nothing to worry about when you choose to work with us! We'll come back for a follow-up treatment if needed. Our attentive experts at EnviroGuard have you covered. 

Now that you know whom to trust to take care of bed bugs in your home in Waco, let's learn more about these little bugs so you can stop them from biting you in the future!

Easy-To-Spot Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

When you have bed bugs in your home, there will be some indicators, such as:

  • Reddish-brown fecal spots
  • Clusters or lines of bed bug bites
  • Eggs, egg shells, molted skins
  • A musty odor

If you notice any of these signs in your home, call us right away! It's important to call for professional help as soon as you see signs of bed bugs. Let's learn why!

The Problem With Having Bed Bugs In Your Home

Bed bugs in Waco aren't only problematic because they love to feed on you while you sleep. They require professional treatments because they can reproduce at record speeds! 

Female bed bugs can lay between one and five eggs per day, up to 540 eggs over their lifespan. Little nymphs can reach adulthood in as little as 21 days, then start reproducing. When bed bugs are hiding anywhere you could fit a credit card, they can go unseen for long periods. During that time, they can create a much more serious infestation – and even take over your entire home room by room!

The Best Way To Eradicate A Bed Bug Infestation

Due to the incredibly elusive nature of bed bugs, infestations typically require professional bed bug control services. Trying to handle this issue on your own simply allows bed bugs more time to reproduce. The more there are, the more there'll be! Infestations can occur so quickly that despite your best available DIY efforts, you cannot resolve the problem. 

Our professionals are here to provide the bed bug treatment you need to take your property back! Don't let them take over your home and end up dealing with a seemingly endless issue that's almost impossible to solve. Count on our experts, and get bed bugs out.

Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs From Coming Back

Once we've eliminated the infestation, keep these helpful prevention tips in mind to avoid another:

  • Inspect hotel rooms when traveling.
  • Don't put luggage or objects on the floor in hotels or when using public transportation.
  • Inspect secondhand furniture and objects before bringing them home.
  • Wash and dry all your clothes on high heat after returning from a trip if you suspect bed bugs.
  • Vacuum suitcases and luggage after traveling. 

If you're mindful of these preventative measures, you can stop future infestations in their tiny tracks! If they do happen to get back inside your home, remember that we're always here to help with the best services for bed bug control in Waco. That way, you can sleep tight and not let the bed bugs bite!