The Best Way To Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your Huntsville Residence

bed bug sucking blood

Bed bugs are tiny pests that primarily consume human blood—usually while their victim sleeps. With an oval-shaped body that often measures ¼ of an inch, these wingless pests appear reddish-brown and have six legs and antennae. Unlike many pests that naturally exist in outdoor areas and find ways of infiltrating a home, bed bugs typically enter within suitcases, purses, or other belongings as “hitchhikers.”

Can bed bugs live on dogs or other household pests? In the absence of a human, a hungry bed bug might seek a blood meal from a domestic animal such as a dog or a cat. Keep in mind that bed bugs do not actually “live” on their food sources, unlike fleas and ticks. In fact, a bed bug usually will feed from the source for only a couple of minutes and promptly retreat back to a hiding place. 

Are you a local homeowner who needs professional bed bug removal services? Bed bugs are a resilient pest that will pose challenges for those who try do-it-yourself products or mythical home remedies. In many cases, these bed bug control products will demonstrate effective results among live bed bugs; however, the developing eggs within the home will remain and soon create a resurgence. 

Have you detected signs indicative of a problem with bed bugs? Find out for sure by speaking with a licensed professional that will perform a detailed inspection. A seasoned Huntsville pest control professional knows how to deal with bed bugs in your home and may educate you regarding the best preventative measures to limit subsequent infestations. 

The Lifecycle Of The Huntsville Bed Bug

Bed bugs in Huntsville begin as tiny eggs measuring roughly one millimeter and hatch within two weeks. Emerging as nymphs, young bed bugs will pursue a blood meal as they develop into adults. 

How Can I Tell If I Have A Bed Bug Infestation?

Look for minor reddish blood stains or black smears of feces on pillowcases, sheets, and other bedding materials. Occupants of homes with an infestation often notice small, red, and itchy clusters on their skin from bed bug bites. It is improbable that a sleeping human would awaken after detecting bed bug activity.  

Can you see bed bugs with the naked eye? Bed bugs are typically visible to the naked eye; however, they usually appear as specks that resemble an apple seed. Based on their small size, bed bugs will travel into tiny crevices and hide deep within interior walls or other voids. 

Five Tips For Bed Bug Prevention

Are you an area homeowner seeking tips regarding how to prevent bed bugs? Consider the following five best practices for prevention: 

  1. Check all belongings for evidence of bed bugs upon returning home from travel.
  2. Closely inspect the bed area of hotel rooms upon entering. 
  3. Avoid placing suitcases directly on the bed in hotel rooms.
  4. If you suspect having exposure, promptly wash and machine dry all clothing. 
  5. Never acquire second-hand bed mattresses. 

Huntsville property owners that understand how to keep bed bugs away from properties should remember the importance of educating others in their homes regarding the best preventative measures and the various possible signs of an emerging bed bug infestation. This is a critically important prevention tip, as bed bugs will often spread from one area of a single-family home to another or sometimes move into adjacent apartments in multi-unit properties. 

How To Keep Bed Bugs Away From Your Home

The team of local pest control specialists with EnviroGuard has many years of experience eliminating bed bug infestations for customers in this region. Our technicians approach these problems carefully and use various product options such as liquid formulas, aerosol sprays, and our high-quality traps.  Contact our office today regarding a consultation.