Everything You Need To Know About The Drywood Termites In Huntsville

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“Rocketing” into the United States hall of fame is the city of Huntsville. It’s famous for being an integral part of our country’s journey to the moon. Scientists and engineers working in the Huntsville community continue to develop new technology and advances in rocketry that push the boundaries of modern space exploration. One pest in Huntsville that sometimes advances the limits of its habitat is the local termite. If homeowners aren’t watchful, the need for Huntsville pest control services may suddenly become a priority.

Oh No! Signs You May Have Drywood Termites In Huntsville

When anyone mentions the possibility of termites invading their home, it brings an immediate sense of dread. Termites have a well-deserved reputation for significantly damaging dwellings. While drywood termites may not get the attention that other termite species does, they still can cause havoc in your home.

Signs that you have drywood termites in your home include:

  • Finding winged “swarmers” flying around small openings on the surface of dry wood
  • Seeing discarded wings laying within window sills, light fixtures, or trapped in cobwebs
  • Discovering piles of pellets (fecal matter) near infested wood

Drywood termite infestations are generally in full swing before homeowners notice alarming signs around the house. While EnviroGuard can immediately come and treat for termite infestations, being proactive with regular inspections is the best way to fight termite infestations.

How To Identify Drywood Termite Droppings

It might sound disgusting, but termite fecal droppings can be instrumental in identifying which species are inhabiting your home. Drywood termite fecal droppings are pretty unique.

Four characteristics of drywood droppings:

  1. They resemble pellets (1/32 inch long).
  2. Piles of pellets are typically under an active termite site (may look like salt pepper).
  3. Pellet coloration usually matches the wood excavated.
  4. With magnification, pellets appear six-sided, flat on one side and pointed at the other.

When homeowners spot evidence of termite droppings around their homes, they sometimes mistake it for sawdust. Whether you think you have shavings/droppings, you should always have it checked out by a pest professional like EnviroGuard.

The Difference Between Drywood And Dampwood Termites

Both drywood and dampwood termites reside in Alabama. With so many various species inhabiting the area, it is wise for homeowners to know what distinguishes one from another.

Five differences between drywood and dampwood termites include:

  1. Drywood termites are about 3/8 to1 inch long; dampwood termites are about 1/2 to 5/8 inches long.
  2. Drywood termites infest dry, non-decayed wood, and dampwood termites prefer wood with high moisture content.
  3. Drywood termites don’t contact the soil; dampwood termites don’t need contact with the earth, but they often infest wood that reaches the ground.
  4. Drywood termites adapt well to dry environments; dampwood termites crave moisture.
  5. Drywood termites commonly infest homes; dampwood termites are more likely to stay outside.

When either species of termite infest homes, the destruction of your property may take place right under your nose; they’re not known as “silent destroyers” for nothing! Regular inspections of your home by EnviroGuard can help homeowners detect signs of termites that may elude an untrained eye.

Total Termite Control For Homes In Huntsville

Huntsville, Alabama, has the type of climate which invites multiple varieties of termites. Since termites can affect the structure and value of your home, it is essential to set up a protection plan with a trusted pest professional. At EnviroGuard, our owners have 40 years of combined pest experience battling the toughest critters. Our locally owned company offers customizable solutions that provide the most significant relief in the shortest amount of time. Call EnviroGuard today to learn more about termite prevention in Huntsville.