Help! There Are So Many Flies In My Corpus Christi Kitchen

house fly in the dark

The kitchen is the place where the magic happens. Aromatic smells waft through the air as food sizzles away on the stove or bakes in the oven. Who hasn't hung out in the kitchen while food is cooking to nibble and sample the cuisine? 

The aroma of food attracts not only people to the kitchen but also entices flies. Flies like to eat and sample food; however, we don't want flies on our food! If you have flies on your food in the kitchen, you need the Corpus Christi pest control team from EnviroGuard. We will use our decades of experience to get flies out of the kitchen so you can enjoy a good meal. 

Why Do Flies Travel In Clusters?

Some flies, like the cluster fly, group together on the sunny side of homes when temperatures drop. These flies make their way into homes through holes in screens or cracks. Once you have flies in the house, they congregate in walls, attics, subflooring, and the space between screens and windows. Cluster flies and others like blow flies, flesh flies, and bottleneck flies in the Calliphoridae family are often mistaken for common house flies. 

If you see flies traveling in clusters around your Corpus Christi home, you need EnviroGuard to get rid of flies fast in your house before they spread diseases. 

Do Flies Bite Humans?

Some flies bite humans, and others are just a nuisance to people. For example, house flies do not bite, but stable flies, typically around livestock, bite humans on the ankles. Other biting flies in Texas are deer flies, horse flies, and blackflies. In some cases, a bite from a blackfly can cause anaphylactic shock. 

Flies in the kitchen are likely house flies, fruit flies, or blow flies, none of which bite people. The main concern with these flies is the ability to contaminate food which is why the best way to get rid of flies is to secure the technicians at EnviroGuard.

Why Are There So Many Flies Living Inside My Home?

Different kinds of flies come into your home searching for the same things we desire: food, water, and shelter. Blow flies infiltrate homes when it gets colder outside, and fruit and houseflies are attracted to odors. Also, warm air currents from cooking entice house flies because they prefer temperatures of 83? or above.

To minimize flies in the kitchen, we recommend the following:

  • Close garbage can lids after each use.
  • Remove exposed fruit from the kitchen counter.
  • Clean the cooking areas after each use. 
  • Wipe down the eating surfaces after meals.
  • Vacuum the floor daily to remove crumbs.
  • Fix holes in door and window screens.
  • Keep exterior doors closed if not screened. 
  • Store uneaten animal food in an air-tight container at night.
  • Close windows while cooking and eating. 

Minimizing odors from fermented food and sealing holes in screens will help keep flies out of your Corpus Christi kitchen. 

Professional Pest Control Is The Best Way To Treat Fly Infestations 

Killing flies with a fly swatter will not stop an infestation. Do-it-yourself tactics like soapy vinegar water, fly strips, bug lights, and other methods will help control flies, but they do not get to the core reasons for the invasion. 

To stop battling flies in the kitchen, you need pest control professionals with over 40 years of combined experience from EnviroGuard. Our experts will determine the entry points into your homes and then define the specific fly species invading your home. Next, we will craft a custom eradication strategy utilizing safe and effective targeted treatments that won't endanger pets or family members. We will work with you to determine additional prevention steps to avoid future infestations. Contact us today and stop fighting flies in the kitchen.