How Bed Bugs In Laredo Get Around

a bed bug crawling on a bed

Laredo is located deep within the heart of South Texas. The town has historical treasures that residents and visitors are sure to enjoy, including unique shopping opportunities that excite high-end shoppers and bargain hunters alike. While visiting all the beautiful sights of Laredo, people beware; tiny hitchhiking parasites love public spaces and will attempt to hitch a ride into homes. Once bed bugs hitchhike in and find sustenance, they can be a nightmare to remove. Find out more about bed bugs in Laredo in this guide. 

What Everyone Ought To Know About Bed Bugs In Laredo

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of people more than hearing that bed bug infestations are on the rise. Most don’t think it will ever happen to them because their house is clean. The truth is – bed bugs infest both clean or dirty homes; they happen to anyone. Since bed bugs are small, it is essential to identify them when they show up on your doorstep.

Four characteristics of bed bugs are as follows:

  1. Adults have a reddish-brown (full of blood)/mahogany coloration.
  2. Adults are oval, broad, and flat (They swell when feeding.).
  3. Adults are about ¼ inch long.
  4. Adults have six legs and antennae (no wings).

Who Else Wants To Know How Bed Bugs Access Laredo Homes?

Since bed bugs have perfected the art of hitchhiking, anyone at any time can find themselves dealing with these pests. Bed bugs hide in “hotspots” where people congregate. Since bed bugs are small, they can hitch a ride onto everyday items like shoes, purses, suitcases, boxes, briefcases, backpacks, etc., without even being noticed.

Favorite “hotspots” that bed bugs hang out include:

  • Libraries
  • Trains
  • Airplanes
  • Hotel/motel rooms
  • Buses
  • Theatres
  • Apartment complexes

Hotels/Motels seem to be a favorite area where bed bugs hide. Some suggestions that will help you avoid bringing bed bugs home include: carrying a flashlight while you travel to inspect sheets, mattress seams, and box springs. Headboards, seams in chairs, and inside dressers are also places to check for signs of bed bugs. Since bed bugs love attaching to suitcases, lodgers should keep suitcases on the bathroom floor or put their suitcase in a trash bag to protect them. An additional step of washing all clothes in hot water, inspecting bags and backpacks, and vacuuming suitcases as soon as you get home may also be necessary. 

Little-Known Dangers Of Second-Hand Purchases In Laredo

One of the best feelings in the world is finding a treasure at a bargain price. Before you jump on that bargain, buyer beware. Some places that bed bugs like to infest are second-hand stores and garage/yard sales. Unsuspecting bargain hunters often bring home these tiny parasites when they hitch a ride on their bargain buys.

Areas that shoppers should inspect when bringing bargains home include:

  • Underneath or the back of tables, shelves, and headboards
  • Mattress seams/seams on upholstered furniture
  • Under peeling/loose paint (painted furniture/frames)
  • Under paper on the back of frames
  • Fabrics
  • Clothing
  • Cracks, crevices, joints, screw/nails holes, and voids in furniture
  • Behind switch plates
  • Within electrical appliances

Signs of bed bugs to watch out for include the following:

  • “Rusty” stains on fabrics
  • Dark spots (fecal stains)
  • Egg/Eggshells (yellowish in color and tiny)
  • Reddish-brown (living) bed bugs

Get Rid Of Your Of Your Laredo Bed Bugs Once And For All

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