How To Prep Your Home For Termite Season In Huntsville

termite activity in wall

Termites are pests that no one wants to find in their home. While there are many destructive pests around, termites in Huntsville are likely the worst. They can destroy entire buildings if the infestation gets large enough and is allowed to remain, and they are also one of the most problematic pests to identify. The best way to protect your property from termites is to take the time to find out more about preparing your home against termites and how to get effective termite control in Huntsville.

When Is Termite Season In Huntsville? 

Once termites invade a property, they are active throughout the year. They live inside wooden structures as they eat through the cellulose fibers in wood, and this doesn’t stop no matter what month it is. However, there are times when termites are more active and most likely to leave the nest to reproduce. This time of year is called termite season. This is when the termite swarmers responsible for reproduction leave the nest. Termite season can begin sometime in February and last in the fall, depending on the specific species.

How Do I Know If My Huntsville Home Has Termites?

Termites are rather sneaky. It’s not uncommon to have termites for months or even years before you realize it. This is because most of the main signs of termites don’t occur until some damage has already happened. Therefore, the best way to get termite control and protect your property is with assistance from experts. The team at EnviroGuard can provide annual termite inspections. These inspections are the best way to keep your property termite damage-free. 

What Does A Termite Infestation In Huntsville Look Like?

The best way to tell if your property has termites is with pest control assistance, and it can be difficult to identify termite problems as termites don’t emerge all that often. This makes identifying these pests by sight a challenge. However, it’s a good idea to know what the swarmers look like. They are brown or black and have wings that make them similar to flying ants.

However, there are other ways to identify termite problems, mainly by looking out for other signs of their presence. Some of the main signs of termites include:

  • Finding small wood pellets known as termite frass. This is termite droppings. 
  • Noticing that floorboards have started to squeak and buckle.
  • Discovering that doors and windows have begun to fit too tightly in their frames.
  • Seeing water damage around walls or wallpaper, but you can’t find any water source that could be causing the problem.

Keep in mind that most of these signs don’t emerge until termites have been around for months.

How Does EnviroGuard Get Rid Of Termites In Huntsville?

If you’re looking for termite pest control because you suspect you have termites around, contact EnviroGuard right away. We can inspect your property to see if termites are present or not. We provide termite removal services that will completely eradicate these problematic pests. Please find out more by giving us a call today. You can also send us a message online to request a quote or book an inspection.