Don't Let Scorpions Take Over Your Waco Yard

bark scorpion crawling in landscaping

Scorpions in Texas homes are unfortunately not a new concept. While these pests might only be invading to eat up the other bugs in your home, they are still dangerous to have around, and you shouldn't have to worry about being stung inside your home. At EnviroGuard, we have more than 40 years of combined experience providing the highest quality pest control in Waco, including scorpion removal and prevention. Read on to learn how we can help your home be scorpion-free today!

Are There Different Types Of Scorpions I Should Look Out For?

There are several different types of scorpions here in Waco, and some of them are dangerous to humans and their pets. Below are some of the common types to look out for in your Waco yard and home:

  • Striped bark scorpion: This is one of the most common types of scorpions to invade your home. They are small, tan, and have two black stripes running down their back. The striped bark scorpion is venomous.
  • Texas cave scorpion: This scorpion is much larger than the bark scorpion, and is a dark mahogany brown or black in color. Like the bark scorpions, they are venomous.
  • Lindo scorpion: The Lindo scorpion is dark reddish in color, much smaller than the previously mentioned species, and has a short, stocky tail, making them unique from the others. These are also venomous.

The service professionals at EnviroGuard are highly trained to identify the different types of scorpions in Texas. No matter what kind (or kinds) you are dealing with, they are prepared to safely remove them from your property once and for all.

How Can I Tell If There Are Scorpions Living On My Property?

One of the first steps to effective scorpion control is being able to spot the signs of them living on your property and in your home. Below are some of the most common signs of these pests:

  • Live scorpions: Of course, seeing a live scorpion on your property or in your home is a surefire sign that they have invaded your residence. You are likely to find them in bathtubs, around plumbing, or in dark areas.
  • Tracks: Scorpion tracks are distinct, as they resemble a smear of pebbles on the ground.
  • Egg cases: Another common sign of scorpions are their egg cases, which are small, white, and rectangular in shape.
  • Dead scorpions: Finding dead scorpions along walls and baseboards is another sign that they are present, and that more are likely on the way.

If you are unsure if it’s scorpions inside your home, the service professionals at EnviroGuard can help you identify them today. 

Where Can Scorpions Hide?

It’s so important to get rid of scorpions because they are notorious for hiding in many different spots in your home and on your property. Ideally, scorpions prefer to be in dark, enclosed areas, making your shoes and boots a favorite place to hide. This also leads them to hiding in boxes, under furniture, and under clothing and other clutter on your floors. Another common place to find them hiding is in your bathtub, behind your toilets, and under your sinks, as the moisture is a favorite place of theirs. Having an EnviroGuard service professional come through your property can really help pinpoint the exact places scorpions are hiding, allowing us to provide you with the highest-quality treatment.

Keeping Scorpions Away From My Home For Good

Keeping scorpions out of your home and off your property is no easy feat. At EnviroGuard, we utilize more than 40 years of combined pest control experience to provide superior service with lasting, long-term solutions. You shouldn’t have to live in fear of being stung in your own home. Give us a call for help removing them today!