Are Rodents Invading Your Austin Kitchen?

house mouse hiding

One place in your house that needs to be a safe place is the kitchen. The kitchen is a source of delight for those who enjoy cooking and those who like to eat! Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen needs to be free from rodents.

If you are experiencing the horrors of rodents in your kitchen, don't delay calling the Austin pest control team from EnviroGuard. Our team of experts has over 40 years of combined experience removing rodents from homes. We know their habits, hiding places, and the best ways to eradicate unwanted small mammals from your Austin kitchen. 

Are You Attracting Rodents?

Rats and mice are the types of rodents that find kitchens attractive. For example, house mice eat almost any food you'll eat, but they especially like grain-based products. Norway rats find their way into Austin kitchens when outside food and water become scarce, usually during the winter. Once they enter Austin homes, they move to the kitchen and feast on meat, cereals, and fish. Another favorite of Norway rats found in kitchens is dog food. Roof rats come to the kitchen seeking fruits and vegetables.

Rats and mice enter Austin homes for food and shelter. Failing to clean the kitchen after cooking, leaving unwashed dishes in the sink overnight, and allowing dog food to remain in bowls during the night attract rodents to the kitchen. Removing Texas rodents from your Austin home requires our trained experts at EnviroGuard. Our professionals will identify what is drawing rodents to your kitchen.

Five Commonly Asked Questions About Rodents Inside Your Home

We surely don't want house rodents, so if they show up in our kitchen, we cannot help but have questions. The following are five questions routinely asked about rodents inside our homes:

  1. How did the rodent get into my house? Rats and mice can squeeze through openings the size of a quarter! Rodents exploit small gaps between pipes and wires entering the home and the surrounding exterior surface. 
  2. Why did the rodent come into my house? Rodents enter homes searching for food, water, or shelter. Typically, they come inside during the winter when these things are scarce outdoors. 
  3. Does the presence of one rodent mean there are many more? One rodent in the house likely has family members lurking inside of walls, in the crawlspace, or attic. 
  4. What kinds of rodents are in my house? House mice, Norway rats, and roof rats are in the Austin area. The difference between rats and mice is their size: rats have larger bodies and stockier and longer tails than mice. 
  5. What do I do to get rid of rodents in my house? Setting traps will help remove the small mammals but will not kill the next generation hidden in other parts of the home. 

To get rid of rodents, you need our pest control experts from EnviroGuard, who know where to look to eradicate the rodent families in hiding. 

Help! There Are Rodents Inside My Kitchen!

You should do the following if you see rodents in your kitchen:

  • Clean the kitchen thoroughly
  • Secure food items in hard plastic or glass containers
  • Purchase a garbage can with a cover and keep the lid closed
  • Remove dog food from bowls and place it in an air-tight container before bedtime

You can also set traps in the areas you have seen rodents. Traps may kill existing rodents but will not eliminate the next generation growing in other parts of your home. 

Total Rodent Control For Homes In Austin

The most critical action for rodent removal is to contact the people who understand rodents; EnviroGuard. We are experts on the various kinds of rodents in Texas. We know where they create nests and how to eliminate them from Austin homes. Contact us today for a free quote, and we will put your mind at ease.