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sliverfish on books

Silverfish around your home in Bryan can give you great pause. Silverfish have an odd and eerie look, which makes them all the more alarming when they scurry out. However, not many people know a lot about these tiny nuisance pests when they find them around their home in Bryan. 

While silverfish are not as dangerous as rats, they can still be annoying and creepy. If you contact our Bryan pest control company at EnviroGuard, we can rid you of your silverfish infestation in no time!

How Can I Spot A Silverfish?

There are over 120 different types of silverfish worldwide, yet only around 18 are common to the States. Most silverfish stay true to their namesake and have a shiny gray hue about them. However, a few can be a light brown color when they are younger. 

Silverfish look almost alien-like with so many appendages sticking out. These appendages make up their split tail, antennas, and six legs. Typically, silverfish are relatively easy to identify and for the most part, identifying the specific type of silverfish is irrelevant when eradicating them.

How To Root Silverfish Out Of Their Hiding Spots

The most effective way to root these pests out from their hiding spot is to have a professional team perform a thorough inspection, then go from there. However, one of the more important things to note when you find silverfish around your home is what that alone could mean for your property. 

Silverfish are attracted to moist areas, and if you have silverfish, that could mean you have an excessive amount of moisture built up around your home or within your walls. 

There is even a possibility that you could have wood damage that could threaten your home’s structural integrity. Therefore, when you have a team inspect your home for silverfish, you should be on the lookout for any leaks, mold, or algae growing within your walls.

What Kind Of Damage Can Silverfish Cause

Long-tailed silverfish can not cause copious amounts of damage, at least not as much as other pests could cause. However, you can find them in locations you might frequent around your home due to what they eat. These are a few of the things that silverfish can eat and chew through around your home:

  • Clothing
  • Food items
  • Books
  • Photos
  • Wallpaper

Also, anything made of starch is on a silverfish’s menu. Silverfish cannot bite you; their mandible isn’t strong enough. However, they can chew and bite down on nearly everything you own in an attempt to eat it. Another thing to note is that silverfish do not carry any diseases, but they can still contaminate surface areas when they move around your house.

The Best Way To Keep Silverfish Out Of Your Home

When you want to have a qualified team go the extra mile for you when it comes to a silverfish infestation, give us at EnviroGuard a call. Our team can provide the best protection for all your pest control needs and concerns. Silverfish might not be the most problematic pests, but you still don’t have to put up with them around your home. At EnviroGuard, we can eradicate these tiny pests from your home. 

There is no pest problem that is too big or too small that we can’t handle. You can count on us, and with over 40 years of experience guiding us, we can get the job done right. Contact us at EnviroGuard to schedule your free inspection and find out why we are the best way to get rid of silverfish in your home today.