Why You Should Call The Pros About Ants In Your Bryan, TX Home

carpenter ants destroying wood

Ants can be a serious problem in your Bryan home, and if you are wondering what kills ants, you should look into professional ant control. Pest control experts can provide effective ant control that completely removes these pests from your home.

What Attracts Ants?

When understanding what attracts ants, you will likely encounter several different ant species that are common to the area. We discuss these below.

  • Carpenter ants are large and black with strong jaws. The carpenter ant prefers to make its home in the internal wooden structures of your property.
  • Sugar ants are small and generally have a dark coloration. These ants love to seek out sugar and other sweets in your home.
  • Fire ants usually set up colonies outdoors and can be aggressive. They bite and sting when disturbed.
  • Little black ants are small, dark-colored ants. Food is a major attractant for these pests.

Most of these ants are generally attracted to your home by food or moisture. The best natural ant control is removing the factors that bring ants into your house.

Ant Control And How To Get Rid Of Ants

It is difficult to get rid of an ant infestation on your own. Ants are skilled at spreading out on your property and inside. These insects will typically have one main colony and plenty of satellite colonies, so you will continue dealing with an infestation unless you manage to take out the main nest. 

Additionally, it can be hard to figure out what kills ants, as many over-the-counter sprays and traps are hit or miss in terms of effectiveness. These DIY ant control products may also be dangerous to both people and pets, especially if you are not familiar with utilizing chemicals in your home.

Ant prevention can prove difficult, but the steps below can be helpful as a form of natural ant control when combined with EnviroGuard's ongoing assistance.

  • Make sure that all food waste and trash around your home are properly sealed. Dispose of these items promptly in secure trash cans, as this will stop the aroma of garbage from attracting ants. You should also refrain from leaving out leftover food, dirty dishes, or food and drink spills around your home.
  • Inspect and seal any potential entry points that ants may use to invade your house, including gaps around windows, doors, and your foundation. Also, be sure to replace any torn window and door screens and update worn weatherstripping around your property.
  • Address moisture issues around your home and fix any leaks either indoors or outdoors. Ants are attracted to easy water sources, so eliminating these will help deter these pests.

Effective Ant Control

If you want to know how to get rid of ants once and for all, all you need to do is invest in the effective ant control that EnviroGuard provides. Our experts will identify any species of ant that you have invading your home and provide customized solutions. All services are fast, effective, and affordable, so you don't need to worry about wasting your money or not seeing results. Contact EnviroGuard today for more ant control advice and assistance.