All About Termite Damage In Lubbock

termites eating wood in house

Termites are small insects, but they can create massive amounts of damage when they are left to invade and tunnel away at your property’s wooden structures without any control. Knowing how to look for termites and working with professional Lubbock pest control is essential in ultimately protecting your property from this pest.

Do Termites Fly? 

Most types of termites (such as workers, soldiers, or queens) don’t have wings and cannot fly. However, reproductive termites (also called swarmer termites) will grow wings during the swarming season and leave their colony, flying out to look for a place to mate and set up a colony of their own. These swarming reproductive termites are why one of the first warning signs of termites that you will see are discarded wings – swarmer termites shed their wings once they find an area to colonize and lose the ability to fly from that point on.

Termite Warning Signs That Are Easy To Point Out

Several signs of termites in your home or business may warn of a severe infestation. Some of these easy to recognize signs include: 

  • Discarded swarmer termite wings around your property, especially near doors and windows
  • Pinpoint holes in drywall or along baseboards
  • Rustling or clicking noises in the wall at nighttime
  • Mud tubes outside or mud tubes that cross your foundation and move inside your property
  • Wood that appears visually damaged or starts to break away easily
  • Tight-fitting doors and windows
  • Sinking floors or dipping ceilings
  • Walls that are bulging, or peeling and bubbling paint on walls

It is important to note that seeing one or more of these signs likely means that you need professional pest control assistance as soon as possible to combat an infestation of this pest and stop damages from happening. EnviroGuard can help you out.

Did You Know That Termite Damage Is Avoidable? 

Termite damage can be a big deal, especially when an infestation is so out of control and widespread that their tunneling has led to the wood around your property breaking away and increasing the risk of structural collapse. However, you can avoid these risks and costly repairs when you implement proper termite prevention and control strategies. 

In addition to reducing soil to wood contact around the foundation of your property to stop termites from being tempted to move into wooden structures, you can remove yard debris such as tree stumps. Also, seal cracks around windows, doors, and the foundation that may potentially let this pest inside.

You should also be investing in professional termite protection and control. The help that the professionals will give you can stop a termite infestation and prevent damage and keep your property safe from reinfestation from this pest year-round.

Why Termite Control Is Worth Every Penny

Termite protection in Lubbock is an essential investment if you want to control infestations of all kinds of termites around your property. Only our professionals at EnviroGuard can ensure that active termite infestations are taken care of and prevent your home from re-infestation. We think you’ll agree that the peace of mind and protection from termite damages that comes with help from EnviroGuard is worth every penny.

Contact the best termite control company for your Lubbock home or business today to learn more or request your free inspection.