Getting Rid Of The Ants Causing Trouble In Your Waco Home

ants crawling on kitchen dishes

Without pest control in Waco, your home life could suffer. For example, ants can be pretty dangerous, believe it or not. The tiny bugs have loads of bacterial cells that can launch human illness on their skin. Several species can bite or sting you or even ruin your property. 

Fire and Argentine ants in Waco require quality pest control that’s extensive. The size of their colonies is massive. What’s worse is that it isn’t difficult for them to get indoors. Find out what ant control solutions work so that you can defeat these insects. EnviroGuard can assist you. 

The Importance Of Regular Ant Control Treatments

Fire ants are 0.06 to 0.20 of an inch long and reddish-brown. A stinger is in the rear of their bodies. Warmth and sunlight are ideal for them, so they’ll be outdoors primarily. Argentine ants in Waco are 0.12 of an inch long, brown-colored, and completely hairless. Wings outline the frames of queens and males. You’re liable to find groups of them by trees, logs, soil, and piles of organic matter. Since they are rampant in yards, you can expect to see them in the cracks of sidewalks and pavement too.

While both of these species prefer natural settings, they may still enter your space. The pests will come through holes in the following:

  • Flooring
  • Utilities
  • Foundations
  • Windows
  • Doors

It’s crucial you don’t give up on having consistent and quality pest control. Ants of all kinds will be drawn to the immovable elements of your home—for instance, shelter, warmth, water, and food. 

Should I Kill Ants I See Around My Home? 

Populations of ants shouldn’t be tolerated. The fire subclass wrecks landscaping with the many mounds they will make in the ground. They also destroy grass, sod, and plants. If they sting or bite you, severe allergic reactions are possible. Nausea and sweating are alarms to go to the hospital. Redness, itching, skin inflammation, and burning sensations will occur when the insects nibble you. Localized scarring is to follow.

The waste and saliva of ants can contaminate your food and surfaces. Their urine and feces contain microbes. Again, germs are on their bodies as well. Salmonella and E. coli are two of the conditions they spread. 

Is It Safe To Spray Store-Bought Ant Spray In My Home?

Popular “do it yourself” ant control agents include: 

  • Essential oils 
  • Citrus
  • Blended water and vinegar 
  • Borax
  • Coffee grounds

A few ants may die if you apply the abovementioned substances in sensitive zones, but an infestation won’t be impeded. Critical issues can’t be solved with pesticide sprays and other products from retail stores. Moreover, shelf goods are usually costly and hazardous. Instead, put your energy toward preventative measures, like: 

  • Seal openings in utility lines and foundations. 
  • Add sweeps to each door that faces the outside.
  • Cut the grass and trim greenery regularly. Place plants away from your property.
  • Take care of food spills immediately.
  • Put food and garbage in airtight containers. 
  • Carefully clean the kitchen on a routine basis. 
  • Take out the trash and vacuum carpeting frequently.
  • Have leaks and moisture dysfunctions repaired right away.

The goal of these tasks is to make your home environment less conducive to ants. Still, if an infestation occurs, professional pest control is your best bet to relieve the problem. 

Solving Nuisance Ant Problems In Waco

EnviroGuard specializes in affordable ant control solutions that are gentle on the planet. Some of our highly effective treatments are power injections, de-nesting applications, traps, perimeter barriers, and more. Fast response times, complimentary inspections, and emergency services are available. Our technicians are experienced and can offer guidance on continual deterrence. Call or email us today for a no-obligation appointment!