Why Are Bed Bugs In Bryan, TX So Hard To Get Rid Of

bed bug infestation on sheets

It’s probably not a surprise to you that bed bugs in Bryan are challenging to remove. Bed bugs are somewhat notorious pests, and they are known in the media for being nearly impossible to remove. You’ve probably seen an episode of television, for example, where characters in sitcoms can’t get rid of these nasty pests.

While bed bugs in Bryan aren’t impossible to eradicate, they are formidable. They can reproduce quickly and spread throughout a property in no time. Find out what you can do to get effective bed bug control.

Do Bed Bugs In My Bryan Home Mean It's Dirty?

One of the most common myths about bed bugs is that they only invade dirty or cluttered homes, but this isn’t true. Bed bugs don’t prefer homes with poor housekeeping; instead, they can spread almost anywhere, including businesses. This is because bed bugs usually spread from place to place by catching a ride. They are unwanted stowaways that can grab onto purses, luggage, and more. Then, they can be brought into your house.

Also, bed bugs can spread when purchased second-hand items are introduced to the home, which may be already infested and not only bedding. Other things like furniture and appliances can also be infested. The idea that bed bugs only live on mattresses is another common myth about bed bugs.

Do Bed Bugs In Bryan Travel On Clothes?

Bed bugs definitely can attach themselves to clothing, although they don’t live on human skin or use people as hosts. They only utilize items we carry with us. However, they can grab onto clothing, but it’s rare. 

We move too quickly for bed bugs to attach to our clothing most of the time, but it’s not impossible. If you leave clothes around an infested area, bed bugs are more likely to be found on these items. They can then find a home in upholstered or fabric-based items.

What Are Some Bed Bug Control Tips For My Bryan Home?

Bed bug control is more challenging than most other pest control concerns. This is because bed bugs are difficult to prevent. They can be found in and carried from many places, such as homes, buses, hotels, and schools, making prevention almost impossible. 

However, you can do a few things to keep them at bay. Make sure to avoid putting items such as luggage on the floor, and check the hotels for signs of bed bugs—also, transport laundry to and from shared facilities in plastic bags.

You should also make sure to thoroughly inspect any second-hand items for signs of bed bugs before bringing these items inside. Look out for rusty bloodstains, brown smeared stains, and discarded bed bug eggs. 

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Bryan Home Fast!

Bed bug prevention is not the easiest thing to accomplish, and anyone can have an infestation. If you have an invasion of these nasty pests, contact the pest control experts at EnviroGuard for assistance. We will eradicate every single bed bug and the eggs. To get started, give us a call at EnviroGuard or use our online contact form to request a quote.