Are The Spiders That Live In Waco Typically Dangerous?

brown recluse spider

Many different types of spiders call Waco home. Some are more dangerous than others, but all of them can be a nuisance. If you're dealing with a spider problem, the first step is to identify the type of spider invading your home. 

Some of Waco's most notable types of spiders are the American house spider, the brown recluse, and the black widow. Some of these spiders can be dangerous, and they all have unique traits. Keep reading to learn more about these three types of spiders and how to keep them out of your home!

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Spiders

Most common spiders are nocturnal. This means that they are most active at night. During the day, they will often hide in dark, secluded areas. 

Among the Waco spiders, the American house spider is one of the most common. They're not aggressive and usually only bite humans if they feel threatened. These bites are generally not harmful to humans.

The Texas brown recluse is a shy spider that prefers to stay out of sight. It is not aggressive and is another spider that will only bite humans if threatened. These bites are more dangerous. They can be painful and lead to necrosis. 

On the other hand, the black widow is an aggressive spider that is not afraid to attack. These spiders are known for their painful bites. Their venom can cause serious health problems; in rare cases, it can even be fatal. 

If you see either of these spiders in your home, you must immediately call a professional pest control company.

House Spiders Are Rarely Dangerous

Most of the spiders that you'll find in your home are not dangerous. In fact, the majority are harmless and pose no threat to humans. 

The spiders that are most likely to be found in your home are house spiders. While house spiders are not dangerous, they can be a nuisance, and their presence in your home can be bad news. Spiders enter homes with a readily available source of food. Since they hunt insects, an infestation of house spiders may signify another underlying pest infestation.

At EnviroGuard, we can help you prevent and eliminate spiders as well as the pests attracting them to your home.

Effective Spider Prevention Tips For Your Home

The best way to get rid of spiders in the home is to prevent them from getting into your home in the first place. There are a few simple things that you can do to deter spiders, including: 

  • Keep your home clean and clutter-free: Spiders are attracted to cluttered areas where they can hide undisturbed. 
  • Seal any cracks or openings in your home: Even the smallest cracks can allow spiders and their prey to enter your home. 
  • Keep your yard clean and free of debris: Spiders will also hide in tall grass and piles of leaves. 
  • Remove webs: Sweeping away webs on a regular basis will help discourage spiders from settling in.

Despite these prevention tips, hiring an exterminator is the best option for preventing and controlling spiders in Waco. 

Pro Pest Control Is The Best Way To Keep The Spiders Out

Spiders are one of the most common pests in Waco, and they can be a real nuisance if they invade your home. A professional home pest control company can help you eliminate spider infestations. Pest control companies have the tools and experience to quickly and effectively eliminate spiders.

You can do some things yourself to get rid of spiders if you don't want to hire a pest control company. However, it's important to remember that spiders are very good at hiding, so you may not be able to get rid of all of them. And if you don't get rid of all of the spiders, they will just keep coming back. So if you're not up for eliminating spiders, it's best to call EnviroGuard.