Are You Struggling With Earwigs In Waco?

earwig inside home

Right within the heartland of Texas lies the quaint city of Waco. With a 400-acre municipal park right where the Bosque and Brazos Rivers meet, it is the perfect place to explore the outdoors. While you are out and about exploring, you will run into many warm and friendly residents who will make you feel at home. One bug that residents prefer not to welcome into their homes is the earwig, and without proper pest control in Waco, it may wriggle its way across your welcome mat and into your home.

What Does An Earwig Look Like?

Earwigs are insects that are easily recognized and bounteous in Texas. Out of 20 different species of earwigs that inhabit the United States, 10 of them live in Texas. While their features may make them look daunting, they rarely harm people. Identifying earwigs in Waco comes down to some very distinctive characteristics.

Identifying characteristics of earwigs include the following:

  • Flattened skinny bodies that measure about 5/8 inches
  • Bodies are typically black/brown (Some species have legs, bodies, and heads with yellowish stripes or red coloring.)
  • Large pincers (forceps) at the end of their rear (abdomen)
  • Six legs
  • Antenna
  • Chewing mouthparts

The good news about these creepy-looking pests is that they are not dangerous and don’t spread diseases. The bad news is that earwig infestations can become annoying when they emerge in droves hunting for food.

What Do Earwigs Eat?

Earwigs are insects that love variety; they are not picky eaters. They usually look for food at night, and their favorite food is insects (alive or dead). Earwigs also enjoy decaying organic materials like fungi, mosses, algae, and lichens. They are also lovers of landscaping and gardens.

Plants that can be affected by large groups of earwigs include:

  • Vegetables
  • Flowers
  • Fruits

Signs that earwigs are attacking outdoor plants are evident. Homeowners will notice ragged leaves around their yards that have irregular holes. Notwithstanding the outdoor damage, when conditions force earwigs inside, various yummy treats will keep them around for a while.

Foods indoors that earwigs tend to eat include:

  • Insects
  • Greasy foods
  • Sweet foods
  • Oily foods
  • Houseplants

While earwigs may be excellent at eliminating insect pests around your home, they can be a real problem when their numbers get out of control. Finding earwigs emerging all over your home can be disturbing, so homeowners should contact a trusted pest control company like EnviroGuard to get rid of earwigs fast.

Five Helpful Tips To Keeping Earwigs Away

Since earwigs like to dwell in moist environments, they are likely to seek relief indoors when conditions become too dry outside. Stopping earwigs from entering homes comes down to some simple prevention techniques.

Five earwig prevention tips include:

  1. Cutting grass short and removing weeds
  2. Removing stone or mulch from around your foundation
  3. Using a dehumidifier in high moisture areas
  4. Ensuring spouts and gutters direct water away from foundations
  5. Fixing plumbing issues within your home

No matter how proactive homeowners are with prevention measures, there is no guarantee that earwigs will stay out of your home. When you start noticing an increase in earwig activity, it is time to reach out to EnviroGuard for help with earwig control.

How To Keep Earwigs Out Of Your Home For Good

The only way to truly make sure earwigs stay out of your home is with help from the pest professionals at EnviroGuard. Our company is local and run by five owners with 40 years of combined pest experience. Whatever your current pest problem, we’ve seen it and treated it. Our pest control treatments protect your family and the environment. For attentive, friendly, and effective pest solutions, call EnviroGuard today!