What Huntsville, AL Restaurant Owners Should Know About Pest Control

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Professional pest control in Huntsville should be something that everyone invests in here; however, restaurant pest control is critical to the success of businesses in the food industry. Having pests of any kind invade your kitchen could not only sink your reputation as a restaurant but also get you hit with fines and possibly make your employees and patrons severely ill. In this day and age of social media, it takes one post online for the word to spread that your establishment is infested with pests. Don't let pests catch you off guard; keep reading to learn what you should do to prevent pests from invading and what to do if they do manage to get in.

What To Do About Pests In My Restaurant

Restaurant pest control is especially tricky because you prepare, store, and serve food. The treatments you use need to be safe and not risk the health and safety of anyone who comes into your establishment. 

If pests have infested your restaurant, here are some things you shouldn't do, based on common pests in the Huntsville area:

  • If you have cockroaches, do not try and get rid of them on your own. Cockroaches are incredibly difficult to kill and resilient to most of the unsafe chemical products available over-the-counter. When they invade, there is a risk they'll spread many harmful diseases to you and your patrons. Professional commercial pest control services are needed the second you spot a roach in your establishment.
  • If you have mice, they are prolific breeders. Even if you manage to kill a few of them, there is likely at least a dozen more hiding in your kitchen and possibly spreading diseases to you, your guests, and your employees.
  • If you have other rodents, whether squirrels or rats, any kind of rodent infestation warrants professional pest control in Huntsville. Rodents are vectors for some of the worst diseases in human history, and professional commercial pest control services are the only way to truly exterminate them safely and effectively.

Ultimately, no matter what kind of pest you have, the best thing you can do for your business is to call in experts, and they will get the situation rectified much faster and more effectively than the general public can.

Tips To Keeping Your Restaurant Pest Free

Restaurant pest control can begin with you, however. There are many things you can do to prevent pests naturally.

Below are ways you can start pest-proofing your restaurant today:

  • Go around your building and seal up any holes you might find, as many different pests will squeeze their way inside via a hole in the wall or foundation.
  • Garbage attracts many kinds of pests. Properly storing your trash in secure bins makes your facility less appealing to pests looking for a free meal.
  • Clutter attracts all sorts of pests, as it gives them places to hide. By keeping your kitchens, freezers, and closets clean and organized, with things stored in chew-proof containers, you significantly reduce the chance of pests setting up shop in your restaurant.
  • Make sure your restaurant is cleaned regularly and food spills and crumbs are picked up.

While these tips can help reduce your chance of pests, because restaurants provide easy accessibility to food, shelter, and water, it's only a matter of time before some do find their way inside, despite your best efforts.

The Most Important Thing To Know About Commercial Pest Control

The most important thing to know about commercial pest control is that it is a necessity in order to exterminate any kind of infestation you have permanently. Most over-the-counter products are useless in the fight against pests, and many of the DIY methods online are unsafe for humans and can actually attract more pests! 

Commercial Pest Control In Huntsville You Can Trust

If pests have invaded your restaurant, or you want to keep them from ever breaking in, EnviroGuard is here for you. With over 40 years of combined experience in pest management, we treat every restaurant infestation as a unique situation and put together a custom treatment plan that will be effective. Our expert technicians are armed with advanced treatments not available to the general public, and they have the skills to safely and effectively exterminate infestations in their entirety. We understand how important it is that your business runs smoothly and safely, and we treat every case with the urgency it deserves. Don't let pests get in the way of your mission; call us today!