Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents In Your Austin Home

a norway rat standing on moss

Rodents. Just this one word can bring up so many different thoughts and emotions for people depending on their experience with these animals. Some associate rodents with large subway rats that only live in big cities, while others think about small mice and how they can make cute pets. While rodents can mean different things to different people, the truth is that rodent infestations are bad news for anyone in Austin, and knowing how to remove them is key.

Identifying Rodents In Austin

Both mice and rats are frequent invaders of properties in the area and throughout the country. There are two species of rats that are common, Norway rats and roof rats, along with the common house mouse. 

Norway rats are a brown-grey color and are known for being great swimmers, while roof rats are dark brown to black, slightly smaller, and known for climbing. The common house mouse is also a brown-grey color and has a cream-colored underbelly.

You can tell rats apart from mice by looking at their faces, size, and tails. Mice are much smaller and only get to be around five inches. Mice also have pointer face shapes than rats and longer, thinner tails.

Can You Have Mice And Rats At The Same Time?

Mice and rats are some of the more prevalent pest problems around, largely because they are dependent on humans. They have existed alongside us for centuries, and now they rely on us for things like shelter, food, and water.

However, while both are common, it’s rare to have an infestation of both at the same time. You’ll likely just have one or the other. But, all three species can do similar kinds of damage and are difficult to prevent.

This is because they are able to reproduce quickly and can chew through almost anything. Mice have more offspring each year than rats, but rats are bigger and can do more damage individually. 

Both of these species can easily find ways inside as they can gnaw through drywall, wood, caulk, plaster, and more. Then, there’s the fact that mice can get through holes the size of a dime, and rats can get through holes the size of a quarter.

What’s The Deal With DIY Rodent Control?

Many people try to eradicate rodents on their own, and they assume that DIY rodent control is effective and simple. While it would be great if that were the case, rodents are really difficult to both prevent and remove.

Many products are meant to get rid of mice, and some of the most commonly used are baits and traps. As far as bait is concerned, it will not get the entire infestation, and it can pose some risks to pets and children who might mistake the item for candy. Traps are also rather ineffective as they will get rid of some of the individuals, but not all of them.

Overall, the over-the-counter methods of getting rid of mice and rats are just like a band-aid. They might seem to have fixed the problem at first, but rodents are an invasive issue that will keep coming back without professional pest control.

Effectively Eradicating Rodents

While rodents might be a challenge, they aren’t impossible to deal with. The pros at EnviroGuard are able to both detect and remove rodent problems in Austin. We work with you to pick a plan that meets your pest control needs, and our rodent control experts have experience getting rid of even severe rodent infestations.

We will keep your property safe from rodents while also using products and treatments that are safe for you, your family, and your pets. Just give us a call today to learn more or to schedule an inspection.