How To Protect Yourself From Ticks In Lubbock

a tick on top of a leaf

Ticks are a common pest to come across in Lubbock and across Texas, as well as throughout the United States. Ticks are classified as arachnids and are known as bloodsuckers. While not every tick bite is dangerous to humans, ticks carry some very serious diseases, and any bites or sightings should be taken very seriously. Ticks can transmit diseases to humans, pets, and livestock. Ticks are known as spreaders of Lyme disease and also carry and expose humans to a long list of very dangerous diseases. Tick bites should be taken seriously, cleaned immediately, and those bitten should consult with a medical professional. EnviroGuard Pest Control wants every Lubbock resident to know how to protect themselves from ticks, how to treat tick bites, and what to do in the case of a tick infestation.   

Types Of Ticks Around Lubbock

There are more than 800 species of ticks around the world. Ticks are either hard ticks, with a hard plate on their backs, or soft ticks that do not have a hard back plate. Regardless of species, ticks all turn a shade of red when they have had a blood meal. Ticks are quite small, ranging from about 1/4 to 1/2 inch engorged. There are several species of tick around Lubbock, and while this is not a complete list, below are a few to look out for:

American dog ticks - American dog ticks are larger, brown-colored ticks with white and gray markings. They will bite humans but prefer dogs. American dog ticks are the primary spreader of Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF), a very serious disease. 

Lone Star ticks – Lone Star ticks are reddish-brown and turn gray after eating blood. Females have a silver to white-colored spot on their backs, giving it the name Lone Star ticks. These ticks like larger mammals, including people. They are quite dangerous and spread many diseases, including the Heartland virus, Bourbon virus, tularemia, and Southern tick-associated rash illness.

Black-legged ticks – Also referred to as deer ticks, these ticks have a dark brown coloring, with legs darker than their bodies. Deer ticks or black-legged ticks bite and prefer to live on white-tailed deer. They can spread numerous dangerous diseases and pathogens to humans including Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, human babesiosis, and Powassan encephalitis.

Brown dog ticks – Brown dog ticks are reddish-brown and can get to about half an inch in size.  These ticks will only occasionally bite humans, as they prefer dogs. They can transmit several diseases to both humans and canines, including canine ehrlichiosis and canine Babesia in dogs and Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) and Boutonneuse fever, among other diseases harmful to humans. 

Ticks tend to live outdoors in grassy, wooded areas and attach to a host. Ticks can move from host to host and will infest, then nest, in homes and other structures. Ticks that like tall grass, thick brush, and other vegetation stay outside unless on a host, except for brown dog ticks who often live inside. They prefer warm, moist places on the host’s bodies and will bite exposed areas of skin. 

Tick Control And Prevention  

Tick control and prevention is something every Lubbock resident should know. Knowing that one may encounter them when they head outside is key. Keep the following tips in mind to prevent tick bites and infestations: 

  • Wear long pants and sleeves.  
  • Light-colored clothing makes ticks easier to spot. 
  • Use tick prevention on dogs and cats.  
  • Trim grass, especially along fence lines and footpaths.  
  • Remove bird feeders, pet food, and other food sources that attract wildlife and neighborhood pests.  
  • Clean pet bedding and furniture they often sit on.  
  • Look over pets and yourself after spending time outside.  
  • Clear yard debris to discourage ticks from nesting in them. 
  • Consult a professional pest control expert for tick control.  
  • Consult a veterinarian for tick prevention and the best way to remove ticks from pets.

Call The Professionals For All Your Tick Control And Removal Questions

It can be very tricky to identify and remove ticks yourself. Getting rid of ticks that have infested a yard or home requires professional help. If you suspect a tick infestation on your Lubbock property, call the professionals at EnviroGuard Pest Control.  Ticks present a lot of health risks to humans and pets, so do not let a tick problem get out of hand. Call EnviroGuard Pest Control today.