Effective Strategies For Eliminating Roaches In Your Home In San Antonio

American cockroach inside a coffee cup

Getting rid of roaches can be incredibly challenging once they make themselves at home. These insects are prolific breeders that will eat almost anything, and they can easily survive and thrive inside our comfortable homes. If you are having trouble removing these pests from your house, you have come to the right place.

This article will explain everything you need to achieve successful cockroach control in San Antonio. We’ll describe the signs that indicate a roach problem, their effects on your health and well-being, and how and why they find their way into homes. Continue reading to learn how to get rid of these pests once and for all with the experts from EnviroGuard.

Sure Signs You Have A Roach Problem

Part of the challenge of cockroaches is their elusive nature. These nocturnal insects shy away from the light and avoid contact with people, so they can infest your house for some time before you see an actual roach. The following list describes the signs of cockroaches in your home that can help you detect an infestation sooner:

  • Droppings that are small, blunt, and cylindrical or look like black pepper specks or smears, depending on the species.
  • Yellow or dark-colored egg capsules under furniture or glued to surfaces.
  • Brittle shed skins from immature cockroaches molting.
  • A musty odor in the house from cockroach pheromones.

If you need assistance identifying or eliminating these insects in your home, the pros at EnviroGuard are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our roach control services or to request a free quote.

Roaches Trigger Allergies And Spread Diseases

Another sign of a roach infestation is your family exhibiting allergy symptoms without an obvious reason. Cockroach droppings in your home contain allergens, and as they dry, they contaminate the air, causing symptoms like sneezing, a runny nose, coughing, and itchy skin. These pests can also cause asthma attacks, especially in children.

Cockroaches can also contaminate your food and surfaces, spreading diseases like salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, and other gastrointestinal illnesses. The sooner you get these insects out of your house, the safer everyone will be. Contact us today at EnviroGuard to learn how we can eliminate these pests and help protect your family from future infestations.

How And Why Roaches Find Their Way Into Our Homes

People often assume a cockroach infestation means their home is dirty, but this isn’t necessarily true. These pests will invade any house they can access, and because of their diverse diet (including toothpaste and pet food), they can almost always find something to eat. Here are some tips to help you avoid attracting roaches and keep them out of the house:

  • Seal cracks and crevices around the exterior of your home using silicone caulk.
  • Cover open drains and vents with mesh screens.
  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Place trash in clean receptacles with secure lids.
  • Avoid leaving food sitting out (including pet food).

The experts at EnviroGuard are here to help you get rid of cockroaches and provide additional tips to prevent them. Contact us today to learn more about our roach control services or to schedule a free inspection.

The Most Effective Way To Eliminate A Roach Problem In Your Home

Professional cockroach pest control is the safest and most effective way to handle your cockroach problem. No matter how severe the infestation is, the pros at EnviroGuard have a solution that will work for your home and family. Contact us today to learn more about our cockroach control services or to get your free quote.