Lubbock's Complete Guide To Effective Earwig Control

Earwig on the floor

Earwigs are some of the most misunderstood bugs in the world. They are the subject of playground horror stories and wives’ tales, sure, but they are also common home invaders. Separating truth from fiction requires turning to experts, and Lubbock property owners have a great local resource in EnviroGuard. We can answer all your questions about earwigs, including how to prevent them and other pests from getting inside your home. 

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What Do Earwigs Look Like?

The reason earwigs are so misunderstood stems from their scary appearance. Any pest with pincer-like protrusions and an ability to crawl creepily across your floors is easy to make into a boogeyman. But despite what we call them, and despite what some older sibling may have tried to convince you of when you were younger, earwigs aren’t all that dangerous. 

They don’t harm people, and they are mostly found in yards and gardens because they eat plant matter. But earwigs, like all bugs, can also be drawn inside of local homes. Pests know that food, moisture, and shelter can be found in abundance inside human structures, which is why they will take advantage of tiny access points to slip inside. 

Learn how you can avoid earwigs in your house with prevention and control from EnviroGuard.

The Problems Earwigs Can Create Inside Your Home

The main thing people think they know about earwigs is that they like to crawl inside people’s ears, but the real problems they create around your home are less bizarre. Earwigs, despite their name, don’t actually enter people’s ear canals. Those pinchers on their rears aren’t for anything nefarious and are instead used to help them navigate grass and leaves. 

The really scary thing to think about is how earwig larvae can hide around hard-to-reach areas of your house and yard, maintaining the earwig population and allowing other pest problems to form.

This is why professional pest control and removal are necessary if you’re noticing signs of pest activity. Contact EnviroGuard to get started on overall pest control that protects against earwigs and other invasive pests. 

Tips To Prevent Earwigs From Entering Your Home

Whether the dangerous claims about earwigs are exaggerated or not, it’s not as though you want creepy bugs crawling around your home either way. That’s why it’s important to get started on early preventive steps that reduce your risk of pests, including and even beyond just earwigs. 

Here are some ways you can avoid an earwig infestation: 

  • Landscaping: Overgrown yards are breeding grounds for insects, and they are more enticed to invade your home as their populations spill over from outdoor areas. 
  • Crack sealing: You should routinely check your home’s walls and foundation for cracks or holes that tiny bugs could slip through. 
  • Moisture control: Earwigs, like all bugs, are drawn to areas of moisture, so preventing it from pooling around your yard or home or hanging in the air in poorly ventilated rooms is another key pest prevention step. 

Talking to a pest control expert is the best way to ensure you’re always keeping up on these and other prevention measures that keep your Lubbock home pest-free. Contact us today and let EnviroGuard assist you. 

The Key To Effective Earwig Control In Lubbock

If you already have earwigs, the best way to get rid of them is with professional treatments. At EnviroGuard, we know how to eliminate bugs from homes and yards safely, without impacting the surrounding environment or other parts of your property. 

Expert methods also provide the best chance at reducing your risk for future infestations, with long-term protection and ongoing home pest control. Contact EnviroGuard today if you need earwig removal or any other pest control services in Lubbock.