A Helpful Guide To Bed Bug Prevention For Corpus Christi Homes

close up of bed bug

Preventing bed bugs from entering your Corpus Christi home is possible; however, current bed bug infestations are best treated by a licensed professional. What are bed bugs? Adult bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small wingless parasitic pests with a flat, oval-shaped body that appears reddish-brown, has six legs, and is usually about ¼ inch long. Bed bugs can consume the blood of both humans and animals; however, they generally prefer to attack human hosts, particularly when they are sound asleep. 

There is a common (false) misconception that bed bugs are attracted to homes or businesses that are filthy. The reality is that bed bugs will reside in most indoor environments that allow them access to food sources. In most cases, bed bugs are transported into different locations by individuals that have pests inside their laundry, purse, suitcases, or other belongings.

Female adult bed bugs often lay several eggs each day and may have more than 100 offspring during their lives. Bed bug eggs typically take a couple of weeks to hatch based on the room temperature and other environmental conditions and then pass through a stage as a nymph. During the nymph phase, the pests begin seeking their first blood meal and soon enter adulthood and become capable of reproducing. 

Bed bugs will usually emerge at night and begin crawling. The pests are attracted to the body heat and carbon dioxide that their hosts emit.

After locating their target, bed bugs are able to pierce the skin and consume the blood of their host, which is a process that is typically completed in less than ten minutes.

Tips For How To Stop Bed Bugs From Entering Your Home 

Knowing how to check for bed bugs is among the strategies for knowing how to stop bed bugs from actually ending up in your home. Some of the best practices for preventing bed bugs are as follows:

  • Upon entering a hotel room, closely inspect the bedding materials and surrounding areas for any indication of the presence of bed bugs and avoid placing clothing, bags, and luggage on the bed, carpeting, or any upholstered furniture. 
  • Before entering your home when returning from travel, closely inspect your belongings.
  • If you suspect that you encountered bed bugs, promptly wash all clothing and machine dry everything using a high-heat setting.
  • Always check second-hand furniture or pre-owned appliances for the presence of bed bugs before bringing them indoors. 

Other Signs Of Bed Bugs 

Although they are difficult to see with the naked eye, bed bugs usually leave several indications of their presence, including small blood stains and black smears of excrement on pillows, sheets, and mattress materials. Bite victims often develop patches of red, itchy, and irritated skin that should not be scratched excessively because it could create an opportunity for a secondary infection. 

What Is The Best Treatment For Bed Bugs? 

Bed bugs are extremely resilient pests that tend to retreat to areas beneath furniture, inside walls, and other places that allow them safety. Many of the do-it-yourself treatment options promoted by retailers are marketed using highly embellished claims of being a fast, easy, and effective solution to eliminating these creatures. Unfortunately, many of these sprays, aerosol fogging kits, and liquids generate very limited results, as bed bugs hide in hard-to-reach places deeply entrenched in your home. 

Experienced Pest Control Company In Corpus Christi

The technicians with EnviroGuard Pest Control are knowledgeable about where bed bugs hide and understand what is the best treatment for bed bugs based on the nature and extent of the infestation. We will execute a specialized treatment plan that will not pose health risks to people, pets, or the local environment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.