How Bed Bugs Invade Waco Homes And How To Keep Them Out

bed bug crawling on blanket

Bed bugs are a common menace, a pest found in many homes in the Waco area. These tiny insects are difficult to see, and their ability to hide and nocturnal tendencies make them hard to deal with. 

In this article, however, we’ll give you the knowledge you need to get rid of these tiny pests once and for all. We’ll discuss several important facets of bed bug control in Waco, including where you will usually find bed bugs in the house,  how to locate them, the issues that bed bug invasions can cause in your home, and how bed bugs are able to get inside in the first place.

If you need help getting rid of bed bugs in your home in Waco, Texas, you can always call EnviroGuard. We’ll make sure these pests stay away.

All The Places Bed Bugs Could Be Hiding In Your House 

Let’s start by going over where bed bugs will likely be hiding in your home. Bed bugs are difficult to spot since they only measure about 1/4 inch long. The naked eye can see them, but it often helps to watch for some common bed bug signs. 

One of the most common indicators of bed bug activity in your home is seeing reddish-brown stains in certain areas. These areas include mattresses, bed frames, or upholstery. They may be on walls or floors near these articles of furniture. Bed bugs often make their way inside via clothes, suitcases, bags, boxes, or secondhand furniture, but we’ll look at these entry methods in a later section.

Next, we’ll discuss the issues a bed bug infestation can cause in your home.

The Problem With Having Bed Bugs In Your Home 

Another essential facet of bed bug control is knowing the potential damage these pests could do if they get inside your home. Female bed bugs lay eggs rapidly, reaching more than 500 eggs throughout their lives. These eggs mature in just a few weeks, and bed bugs can quickly take over a space once they’ve gotten a foothold. 

You must prevent bed bugs from getting inside your home so that they can’t begin this process.

All The Ways Bed Bugs Can Hitch A Ride Into Your Home 

You may wonder, “How did I get bed bugs in my house?” Bed bugs can get inside your home in many ways, as they are excellent at getting into places they aren’t supposed to be. Some of these ways include:

  • Hitching rides on public transportation
  • Infesting hotel or motel rooms and then riding home in suitcases or bags
  • Infesting homes via secondhand furniture
  • Coming home in school backpacks or library book bags 

In general, public areas where people gather are places of interest for bed bugs. You’ll want to be careful of spending too much time in these areas without inspecting them first. A small flashlight may help you when conducting visual inspections of hotel rooms or other areas.

Why It Is Best To Contact The Bed Bug Professionals 

Many pest professionals consider bed bugs the most difficult insect pest to get rid of. Most homeowners aren’t able to handle them on their own. 

That’s where our team at EnviroGuard comes in. We have years of experience dealing with these pests and helping homeowners eradicate them and reclaim their homes. When you need experienced bed bug exterminators in Waco, just call EnviroGuard. We’ll help you get rid of these pests for good.